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The Trews


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Hey Music Fans!


Time for a little rock talk. I know U2 like to share great music with us so this thread continues with that spirit in mind.

The Trews are a Canadian band. Now playing the smaller sized venues( 800people )

This band needs more recognition and I'm just here to share the news  :)

They have everything you want in a rock band. Incredible musicianship, which includes great lyrics, great harmonies.

Anyways I know we have people from all around the world here so this mostly goes out to my fellow Canadians, though the band does play other countries(USA for sure, etc)

Certainly if you like good rock music you will like this band !!!


I am a believer


They have a new single out called Sing Your Heart Out

here's the youtube link


Check em out eh  :)



here's some more links for ya...if you like em







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