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My name is Dreamer, and I've been a Zootopian for five years... Here in a new freeside incarnation, because four years ago, I didn't have the foresight

not to use capital letters and spaces in my username, and so I can't get in! Hopefully Baja's nagging the U2.com team to get everything sorted, but

seeing as I was expecting the relaunch to be Armageddon, things aren't too bad! :) I just hope the issue is resolved before our subscriptions run out!

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Whew wee! Good to know I'm not a lone in this mess.

Mom - baby Peyton doing super good! I ahve tons of piccies on Facebook!

7 - thanks for making me feel special image


(((((((((ANDI))))))))))) miss you - it's just been too long. TALK TO ME!!!image

Bash, you sexy man you!

Fung - hey waz up?


Oh hi to everyone!

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(((((Angie)))) I know! It's been way too long. I never see you on the MSM when I'm on-line, (which hasn't been a lot, lately) image Though, I understand you're being a busy grandma these days! image We should make a point to hook up in the next few days. I pretty much sign in

on the lineberries account, and hardly ever use the xsyzygyx for the chatting. So, next time you sign in, look for me! image

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Hi everyone!

Not used to posting in the ZOO, I am a long time Interference blue crack member!

Hopefully this place will be up to speed soon! U2's web home should be a great as they are!

Anyway.. happy they are improving things in these parts!

I am so excited about the new album! I love it!!!!


Seattle Waimage

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Zoo Refugee wrote:

Omg! Fungus is back!

What happened to eyeball?


hahah. later, it kept asking me again to confirm my original email i used to sign up as Eyeball. that was some one-off email id just made up on a whim just forusing for the eyeball thing, and never used it again. dont even know what that was. haha. id changed my account email back to my real one a while back, lol.now, its fucked up because many people probably dont even use the same email they had... oh 4, 5 years ago. or got rid of it... which sucks.


i did login as eyeball and posted on this, but it was afterwards it kept giving me this weird message and when i tried updating my profile that last time. idont even remember, lol. i'm gonna try it again.

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