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For those who pray (it's kinda urgent)


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I could use a few!

Listen I'm not sure if I've asked you people this before, but know that you are in mine.
I just don't wanna display my issues all over the place, but it's christmass tomorrow and things are pretty fucked up over here (me and my family are doing the best to look at the bright side, I promise) I don't mind things getting rough but we need a break between rounds, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, merry christmass everyone and take care of each other.
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Yo leí el Capitulo 30. Estás cierta!


Te deseo...

la sorpresa de hallar algo mejor, de lo que te atreviste a esperar,

contar con alguien que te necesite,

enamorarte de una realidad.


Te deseo…

Buenos recuerdos, con los que afrontar los malos tiempos.

No renunciar a tus sueños por miedos


Te deseo…

Fuerza, para intentarlo.

Generosidad, para dar.

Capacidad, para amar.


Feliz Navidad!

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