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Picture of Bono at Leopardstown Races(Dec.26th)


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They are happy and smiling. I am happy for Ali and Bono. Love is good, marriage is good, family is good. Living with the Sun is very good. Ali lights his way. I like that. He is in good rightful hands. God does things so perfect, so good. Only God could have created such a band and chosen them. Ali, well, if Ali and Bono are happy, we are all happy. Thats the truth from Realm. Ali reminds me of Lali, one of  my sisters, they look alike. Lali is always smiling. One more thing. I am smiling as I write this. I feel so good to see them smiling and happy. All families deserve to be loved and cherished. I like them because they are together, surviving the world's ways, but a family that is together means the world to me for the obvioius reasons, mine is not, not of my will, but one feels a tremendous loss and sorrow for the children not having their father, what they feel inside, is very painful for the mother to bear, their sorrow. So, I feel joy to see Ali smiling and happy, I know life throws rocks at us sometimes, but so long as God is part of the marriage and family, families survive the ravaging world we live in. I tried very hard, but one believer is not enough it must be both. But, I am surviving and I do feel happy to be alive and around to see each day come by with a positive outlook on life.

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