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My fantasy 360 Concert


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Here is my setllist for a fantasy u2 360 degrees concert. I have included a bit of Pop.
8 songs from the new Album
3 from Atomic Bomb
4 from Leave Behind era
3 from Pop
4 from the Zooropa/Achtung Baby era
2 from the Joshua Tree
1 from the Unforgettable Fire
1 from Boy

Anyway, I think they can improve upon the current setlist.

1. Magnificent
2. No line on the Horizon
3. Crazy Tonight (Original Form)
4. In God's country
5. Gone
6  Mofo
7 Get on your boots
8. Trying to throw arms around the world
9. If God could send his angels
10. Into the Heart
11. Beautiful Day
12. Vertigo
13. Elevation 
14. All because of you
15. Stand up comedy
16. Hands of America
17  The Unforgettable Fire
18 . One Tree Hill

19 Zooropa 
20 Hold me Thrill me Kiss me Kill me
21 Even Better than the real thing
22 Fez
23 City of Blinding Lights
24 Moments of Surrender
25 Breathe
26 Walk on

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