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Where can I return my U2 albums


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I am soooo done with Bonehead and his rants.

How much money do you need there Bonehead.

How about keeping your thoughts to yourself in regard to the net and anything political.

I view you as a stupid sellout musician, not a philosopher or a politician or anyone else whose opinion matters.

Just go away. You are so yesterday's news.

I want to return my U2 albums & cd's to U2.

So, where do I sent all your old crappy music in PROTEST to the BONEHEAD opening his mouth again.mad.gif


Illegal downloading is considered  stealing hence illegal.

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Most rock stars, Bono included are way overpaid to begin with.


He makes millions while lowly schoolteachers, firemen and other important people in our communites are paid shit.


Today's music is often shared first, leading to sales of cd's once people can hear the bands sound.


Bono serves himself, so he makes only 20 mil this year instead of 40, boohoo cry me a river.


You protectors of Bono, what has he EVER done for you.


Brainwashed, all of you.


He is not a hero, just some dude that sings in a band.

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Its amazing how righteous people become just so they can crucify someone else.


I also doubt this pissranter would even give a crap about firemen or cops or school teachers normally, but here comes Bono, and suddenly he can't care fast enough.

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Oh. wonder if anyones told him that its the ISP providers who are making all the money from file sharing that he's gone after. not the..you know, people sharing the music.


But I think crucifixion of a celebrity seems to be more important than logical reasoning. Seems to be a failing in the mentally deficient.

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Actually file sharing is LEGAL in Canada.
Ok then, go to Canada and do it if you're not already there! And nice of you to continue having a discussion with all of us brainwashed idiots - so kind of you!
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