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[quote name='U2LAWoman wrote:

U2LAWoman wrote:

Yeah we did ;o) and to prove we were'nt drunk I never got a head ache .....

I did...!
 because I lied, I really had 3 glasses, not 2!

Damn, damn!! How do I get this deleted before Bandcompletely sees it!! Then he will read the confession I was trying not to make!! roll.gifSomeone, save me!! laugh.gif


Wait until his confession and then you see what to do. I think he is going to confess he went drunk with the ghost of the dog in the castle !!!

By the way is 6:30 in the morning. I just fall down of the bed. I'm sitting in the yard, drinking MATE, and.....reading and writing here ?????

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hi everyone!! my love still sick, has a throatinfection, but viral related to the herpes simplex-virus. it's a disease that normally occures with little kids, so our GP wondered where he got it from... cant take antibiotics to cure it, just rest a lot and take something to lower the fever... and lots of spoiling by the wife, he said (but thats just male conspirancy...)

its funny you mentionned her LAwoman! my brother-i-l. once said i made him think of sandra bullock and my love and kids compare me too 'lorelai gilmore' a lot... could be just the drinking-habit, coffee-addiction and dislike towards cleaning...

i like the spaceman too! i hope i once own my little fiat 500, or beetle , or minicooper...(all them little cars i love!) and it would look nice on the rearwindow!

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[quote name='nazhira wrote:

Zhivvy']Wow this thrread is 24 hour!!!


Yes, and you posted this twice ! 24 hs and this thread has its own brain...

Don't know what's going on with my posts, they all seemed to double post last night - maybe it was the u2 goblins telling me it was time to go to bed!!!

Hope your husband is better soon barbara!

I also like the car sticker, i already have a U2 one but I'm sure that i could have 2!!!

Popping on here during my lunch break at work. Not sure if i should but noone said i couldn't - at least i'm not perving over my Bono pics on photobucket - that would be so wrong!! And would make me feel all funny and not able to teach this afternoon! Sure the kids wouldn't mind though.

Hope you're all having a fun day

Sees ya all laters


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Good afternoon, all. I'm sorry that I didn't finish my story last night. To be honest, I was in no mood for writing. And I'm not fully sure if I'm in the mood today but I am a little better than yesterday and I'm also typing a lot faster which is a sure sign I'm on the road to recovery.


What road to recovery you ask? I think I drank too much and stayed up too long on Saturday night/Sunday morning in the castle. There are numerous reasons for that. I'll write them down in a few... they all relate to the current title.

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I just read all your posts there and I would love to reply to them all but I can't. So I'll just thank you for your contributions to this thread. It's all that YOU do in here that make this a great place. I just realised, and you girls probably realised this much earlier on, but I'm the only guy that posts in this discussion. Why is that?


More men welcome.


Babs, in relation to your "love's" herpes simplex - that's just the medical term for saying he has a cold sore. I'm not sure why your doctor thinks only children get it. Anyone can get it. The only unfortunate thing is that once you get it, you have it for life and different things can trigger it - such as being in close contact with someone who currently has it, your immune system being depressed, not getting enough sleep ... etc etc. The best cure for it is denatured methyl alcohol. Just pour a little on a cloth and dab it. Within a short time it's gone! Don't go paying for those expensive medications that do nothing more than give you the feeling that you are being cured. They cure it as quick as fresh air!

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I went to Kinnity Castle on Saturday night. The plan was to arrive there at 4pm allowing us all a couple of hours to get ready for dinner at 6pm. I didn't arrive until 5.30pm. That was due to getting lost a number of times and also because of the sky coming down and laying itself out as a thick fog over the ground. The fog added to the notion that the castle was haunted. The fog hung off the old gray walls of the building like a horde of ghosts that had lived there 800 years before.


I parked the car, opened the trunk and grabbed my duffle bag.  I entered the castle through two big wooden doors and was greeted by two empty suits of armor standing at the top of a red carpetted stairway. There was a smell of an age that was trying desperately to linger on. It greeted my nostrils with the hope that I may never leave but instead keep the scent deep within my heart. I knew that could never be possible. This was a hotel after all and I had only paid for one night's accommodation. Instead, I decide to capture the scent in words and relay it to a world still living.


My room was down a dark corridor that was lit by nothing more than a candle lit courtyard that I could see through the small windows on my right. The door to my room was in the furthest most corner of the castle. I entered the room and shut my door. I had to push it hard as it had stiffened over the years and now creaked loudly.


The light was already on in the room. Something went quickly by the window. Maybe it was the janitor tending to the flowers outside my window. I shut the curtains.I shaved, then had a quick shower, changed my clothes and went downstairs.  I was greeted by Mrs O'Reilly.  She recognised me, although I only met her once - at her daughter's marriage to my good friend, Lucianno (nickname given to him for having Italian features despite being very Irish).  That wedding was some 8 years ago. With her was her eldest daughter, Rita who came with her youngest son, David.  I worked with Rita some years ago. When introducing me to others, she tends to refer to me as "the guy who uses his religious knowledge to wind up the world".  She's quite right.  Rita has that ability to cut away the foliage to reveal a person's true identity.

I entered the bar.  I must have been the last person to arrive because the place was full of Lucianno's friends. 


Phil was there.  He was on his first drink.  And I knew that later on he would do the sensible thing and drink buckets and buckets of water and go to bed early. Phil was born sensible.  When he was born, he was able to put on his own diaper. At the age of 3 he was washing his own laundry. When he reached puberty he didn't have to ask anyone why he was getting hairy, he had already prepared himself for this "change" 6 years earlier by reading Sue Townsend's "The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole" 15 times!


Paddy and his wife Mary were there.  If they had made an excuse not to turn up, there would have been no party.  Lucianno and Paddy were great friends since college. Shortly after finishing college, they got the same job working for the same multinational, in the same department with the same guy herein referred to as BandCompletely.  We worked together for 10 years. The connection only broke when I walked out on my job, never to return to the place. But, we remained friends. 


Paddy has a sense of humor unique to him.  He can give the most mundane of subjects a colour that no one else could ever manage.  Definitely not Phil!  All listen with interest to any story he tells, any subject he relates, and any joke he spins.  He and Bono struggle with the same height dillemma - how to get their peepee over the edge of the urinal so that their dirty contents are not spilling all over the floor. 


Mary, on the otherhand, is a lady who has an air of confidence but is truly a troubled woman.  She loves to think she is in control of her life and can control others.  But, like her mother, her world is falling apart around her while she is propping up her ego.  She may save her face but everything else may get lost in the queue for the bathroom.


Lucianno's wife was tall, slender, attractive mother of 3 beautiful and well behaved children.  She was brought up in a loving family and it showed.  Her beauty on the outside was well complimented by her beauty on the inside. She cared for all around her and always ensured everyone was having a good time.  When first introduced to Lucianno she was informed that he was an Italian with very little English.  Lucianno played on this for the whole night.  They have been together ever since.

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seems my posts disappear... freaky!

its not just a cold sore, bc. its a throat-infection, causes sores in the back of your throat.. it's a complication kids sometimes get after having chickenpox. he's got fever and cant swallow and hardly speak. it's related to the sores, cause its all herpes, just like chickenpox are the same family. all those viruses come and bug you when you're body gets stressed in one way. all he can do is take something for the fever and he's gargles with euchineacea, helps the 'sores' in his throat to heal....

goin in town with my mom now!

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That sounds nasty barbara - i hope he can get rid of it soon. Hope you had fun in town with your mum, maybe a nice coffee or something. I had a pretty good day at work, another problem with another child but swiftly sorted out and now he's out of school for the rest of the week.

So Naz, when are we all off to tour the world on the wild adventures of the Zootops!!! It would be great!

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