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Krispy Kremes are to die for . . . too bad it was on your last day, that's just cruel and unusual punishment, tempting you like that, don't they know about the 8th Amendment???


Okay, I'm outta here, gone to dinner finally . . . why do I get the feeling that when I check in next this thread will be on page 20???!!!

maybe because mary and I are drinking?
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[quote name='badgirl56 wrote:

nazhira']There is something about you.... I don't know yet,... I'll tell later

wink.gifremind you of Mr Fly Nazhira?............


Now, this Mr Fly has been mentioned numerous times.  Who is he?  What does he do?  Where is he from?  would I like him?  I've never had a gay experience but sure, beggars can't be choosers, especially at my age!

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