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good job nazhira....you should know by now, though, we always come back! but we're just human....in need of some sleep at some time....

how is it that bc is the soul of this thread....but his posts all disapear after a while?? how is it that bc is Bman...but he's trying to keep our girls from droolin about bono's butt?

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[quote name='nazhira wrote:

barbara1 wrote:

Zhivvy']Me too, not long before i hit the sack. Don't know what is happening around here and seems like BC is talking about the end.....


...as long as he isnt talking about the end of the world.... (we can always start another crazy thread like this!! noone can hold us down


Everybody having a good time ! Except you, you were talking about the end of the world ....

Baby slow down

The end is not as fun as the start.............

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My experiment is now over. Thanks for participating ... unwittingly!


I'm 100% confident that the title of this thread is what gets you girls going.


For the record: I am NOT Bono.


So ... moving on ...


I would like if you could all re-invent yourselves. Here's how to do it:


Think of a character - real or imaginary (your own invention or so someone else's) - then become that character. Just for a day.


Because we can be heroes! Just for one Day!

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thinking real hard, bc.....

cant chose: super-cleaning-mom!!! (but dont have the energy to make that one happen....) or a rich/admired popdiva!! (dont have the money to spend...) maybe just good-old me, but a slightly better, patient, sweeter version....

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I am Lonareun. 
I am separated limbs that could become a body. 
I may think one way, and dream another. 
I do speak out condemnation but whisper agreement.
I look to the future but reflect on the past.
I argue in public then shake hands in private.
I march down the street and throw stones at myself.
I am a loyalist, a nationalist, a republican and unionist.
Together we are Northern Ireland.

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