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Trying to reach pag 60....

I read the chinese predictions for me, I'm a tiger in a tiger year. Aparently cathastrofic for everybody, most for me. Too drunk by now I'm thinking; I'm stupid if I take the predictions, because it's base on I-ching, but the person who wrote the book is interpretating. I realise that if I take I-cing, I can see another interpretation, bigger, more meanfull, more powerful. So, humans, our big problem is comunicating problem, our souls seems to vibrate in a time that our brains can't realise. Conclusion: This yar would be the time of my life, very important, defining moment, and what it's so, it would be very complicated for me (not bad) it will be full of obstacules, but, if you are having thatkinda of relevant moment, for certain, it would be, full of problems. If it's easy, it's no so important!

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Today I had a meeting with my teathre mates and teacher. We are a very special group an we talked about it.

We had no problems about leading roles and jelaus, very dificult in groups.

The youngest member is 13 and the oldest is 65. Quite special group. We made a show at the ending of the year, and it went so well, that we are thinking of going further, and continue with the play.

Tomorrow maybe I'll send you something to watch, ...the problem is it's in spanish, you won't understand.

I'm very happy with this

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Very boring, thinking about BC in a castle in Ireland. Very envy....!!!!!!!!

I hope he is doing well with it, he is really having fun, maybe you need fun BC.

Did you think that fun is extremly important for human beings ??????


What kind of rare specie we are ????..............

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