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Come and join me im having a beer , what are you having ? PRT2


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Hi girls , how are you all ? me well I just woke up from more dreams but wont go into it lol ,

Just turned the radio on and having a glass of water , refreshing , the temp here is perfect not hot not cold , yesterday was 28 degrees which is a real beautiful day .....

Wont be in too much this week unless its night time because ive got more work for the moment.....


But will try to get in as much as possible.....

yes, getting here can be difficult ... I know ... got the same problem !

you're so lucky with the weather ... here it's freezing ... yes, again ... snow, rain, all came on our way today !

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I like winter ... when it doesn't last too long.

Yesterday the guy who does the weather-forecast here showed some statistics about january : it had 18 or so days with "rain" of which 14 were snow instead of rain !

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