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Come and join me im having a beer , what are you having ? PRT2

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Goodmorning from here !!

Had a few good dreams and nightmares this morning but im always ok..............

Got radio on had a tea and a argument with daughter , love her but she's a spoilt.........:o(


Anyway whats new ?????

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I feel like i haven't been on here in forever! Went to a birthday party on saturday and slept over... Well. There wasn't really much sleeping tongue.gif My U2 buddy was there and we kept squealing over Bono... And my other friend decided she wouldnt see U2 with us if we were gonna act like that but hey! How can we not show our love for the boys?! devil.gif 

Snowed ALL day today  eyes.gif

Where are you beautiful sun??!!!?! I miss you...

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