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Low vision version of "No Line on the Horizon" insert?


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Hi all,


I have low vision and the CD insert to "No Line on the Horizon" is impossible for me to see. I've tried scanning and enlarging but the (very nice) art design just doesn't allow my usual techniques to work.  I've got about 4 eye operations to go before that type of design should be visible, but that's more than a year away.


Does anyone know of a legal way to get a readable (to me) version of the CD insert, preferably not very expensive?


Side note: during my last eye surgery, the doc had "The Joshua Tree" playing in the OR.  Made an unpleasant experience much better!



(yep, bad/ironic handle, long predates the vision problems)



As always, I speak only for myself, and, usually, only to myself. I have teenagers.

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