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Remember U2's "Mercy" Well Here's My "Act Of Mercy" From A Year Before...Or So...


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For now, I'm a contained emotional wreck LOL.
"Act Of Mercy"
September 2003

In an act of mercy
From somebody in a bind
A morning dove landed waiting for me
Patiently and intently on the telephone line

With a gift, an order, a simple plea
Come here young man and talk with me
My eyes roam where danger may be found
My ears listen carefully for any sound
My heart it beats in accordance with you
In chaos and or calm I must remain true
In hopes that I can keep helping our skies be blue
In trust, that I remain faithful to you

Remember the times devoid of fights
Delights of innocent days and or nights
Inhibitions left behind while in bliss
For splendors of sharing nakedness
Nobody knew the meaning of lies
And nobody heard any painful cries
For nobody dared and nobody implied
To keep a soul from being alive
Believe me somebody has tried

My instincts told me where I was bound
For a destination with a stop or two
With and or without a clear image and sound
Keeping in time while the words I find
Come from a place that is truly divine
Still there is this hellish nature by design

I know there is much to keep in mind
I know you and I have to let it all go sometime
I am sure you and I will find in places discreet
Nary a moment left in the darkest of the deep
The truths of consciousness that we keep

The forgotten may be a contradiction
Perhaps the remembered will create friction
True reality derived from fact and or fiction
There’s much we experience and more we are missing

So please take my hand
Stranger and friend
There is a place for us to be in the end
Tell my lover it is she of whom I send
All my love and hopes and prayers whilst I make amends
For crimes past and present for a innocent future
So the next life has a place to live within again
Into the next moment and the moment thereafter
In hopes of peace, unity and laughter

W. K. Mahler Music Publishing Co. ASCAP. 2003

*Note:  You, yes you and you too.  That's mine, consider it yours, "fire at will" (analogy).  It's downloadable at me MySpace.Com page...and to let you know, it was written lyrically the same day, the first performance ever (no practice) was recorded in front of a packed coffee house.  A place, where, me myself and I opened the door for Bono and Larry Mullen. 

FWIW, I stood directly to the left of Bono, within less than a foot away, front and center of the stage.  Guess what?  No screaming fans, just the way I suppose Bono liked it.

The place is long gone now, just an empty building next to the Cape Cod Times......
"Cape Cod Haiti Connexion"
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William K. Mahler
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Volunteer, M2 Technologies Inc.
W. K. Mahler Music Publishing Co. ASCAP

Yahoo Instant Messenger ID: mahlerscom
Cape Cod, MA. USA
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