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Don't quote me here about the next sentence..."General William Ward" has
been only the 4th African American to be a General, maybe the 5th, I don't

As for one eyed leaders, well, I uh, am moving out of my "before the
marines" and "after the marines" buddy, Dicky's home Monday. I left him to
do his thang around the home earlier knowing that if I could I would have
one big eye over his home watching
everything 24/7 365, plain and simple. Ah, Alzheimers is unfortunatly
heading our way. Then again, even I make a point or two at age 42 and I do
not have Alzheimers.

Jumpin' Joe '64 told me that to tunnel from a "squared away" Iraq to inside
Iran, Tehran, it would take 55 years.
What am I going to be doing when I, William K. Mahler am 55? Running for
President? I'll be jogging alright! LOL
Dear Jumpin Joe: Ah, queen beds and tiny lil BIOS batteries aka "Energizer
Bunny Rabbits" equate to a much shorter span of time to get inside Iran

Lets get ready to rumble! HOLD ON, WAIT! That there missile system that
was put in place around Iran is there to protect Iran, home of someone and
or something not of this Earth originally.
Perception: It would be unwise of me to join forces with an "atomic
drummer" while I'm with beautiful, loving and truly peaceful peoples of
Haiti, here on Cape Cod currently.
It is totally unwise to forget that it was me William K. Mahler who informed
Mrs. Janet E. Morris during the summer of '84 to consider changing the cover
of "The 40 Minute War" from one that depicted what never happened in
Washington DC, 9/11/01 to what will not happen anytime at all, a nuclear
blast over the same Capital Building. Lil history, back to approx. 1 week
into August 2001, my domain, mahlers.com, of which is now totally unlike
what it was then, well back then, was visited by the same terrorists who
flew the jets on 9/11/01. I had enough logs to fill up 4 pages of any
newspaper in 8 size fonts to prove it and you, me and everyone else can
thank CNN Headline News for informing me, as anyone else watched that day,
approx. 1 week after 9/11/01 about those terrorists whom used the University
Of Arizona's library computer systems.

Yes, ah, that hit home in my heart and soul beyond personally.

So, with that said, we the United States could effectively cease to exist
since as far back as when President George W. Bush said to the effect of
"terrorists had slipped into the United States" when Hurricane Katrina
thrashed and trashed the southern USA.

*Note to you PSYDOCS out there: Your antipsychotics then, when I was legally
forced to take them, cost America too much. If I had not been taking them,
I'd have been not so "dumbed down" and would have been letting Mrs. Janet E.
Morris & Mr. Christopher C. Morris have total access to my FTP logs then,
not a week later. Do you care to dispute that?

Nah, I don't think you do. Goodbye!

BTW, the #1 Usama Bin Laden of Cape Cod luvs Jesus and Lincoln too
<----that's an analogy. That's also a complete reminder of just what it
means to be married to a beautiful, sometimes mis understood woman whom I
came home to, 17 days too late for she was raped the 1st night I was at Cape
Cod Hospital under observation. As sure as you just read that, I had
informed the police and medical staff she was going to be raped and by the
very fingers to the soul of myself, believe me she was. Who was she? Mrs.
Janet & Mr. Chris Morris's niece, my wife, Leonda. Who was UBL then, a
former friend who we assisted in removing during the 90's, "white power"
from the streets of Hyannis. Oh, white power is back, but believe me, their
"hive" is to say the least, angry LOL. Not funny at all.
As for the Usama Bin Laden, of whom, last I recall was walking between stone
walls, shown publically after I had asked if horses had to be enabled with
radio and tracking nano biological chips no less than approx. 48 hours
before to Mrs. Janet E. Morris. BTW, Kentucky Sports is still gleaming as
#1 in some catagories.

Dallas Mavericks, yea, they "raided" the Knicks last week. Currently,
that's like a yin yang connection nobody is going to mess with.
Hey, Celtics, that is California looking at "frankenstorms" according to the
Cape Cod Times last week, sooner or later that will happen, I hope not,
meaning, no 8 feet of water in San Fran or the entire western coastline,

If my nose could tell a story, well, that chasm fault line I had in the
80's, it did resurface during the early 90's. A ER doc said no to a quickie
biopsy then, citing that I was paranoid and delusional.

You can thank a Indian doc, from India, of whom was my doc then for my brain
MRI during the 90's, there was nothing visibly wrong with it, I reviewed it
with a technician.
Yo, yo, yo, Chatevurdi, you are not the LA Clippers at all in this race to
save our planet, so says I and my "totally 2012 believing" "gloom and doom"
drummer buddy of my Terry "Tasmanian Devil" Fitzy Fitzgerald.

Do I have to express to you what it means to hear my own song "Merry
Christmas To You" again in my head, let alone in my speakers? No I don't
but I will say this, 2004 Tsunami anyone? Yep, I like God/Allah only knows
so many people sounded the soul alarm, at least 24 hours before.

As for the deceased Saddam Hussien? "I saaaaaaaw Sad ham" was what I heard
with my all natural "Leonda (I'm Coming Home)" played backward, recorded at
the (now) defunct Prodigal Son, August 2001. Ahhh, neck pain anyone? Led
Zeppelin's "Stairway To Heaven" has back masking, "I must've been a baaad
boy 'cause now I'm Satan" and that in forward was "glued" to the song in

This is not bragging rights, I'm no Rush Limbaugh, I'm just a guy, man,
whatever (single) and I'm going to Haiti mid Feb with a man, a bishop he is,
who well, his sermon Sunday got me feeling the power of Haiti and beyond,
plain and simple. His church? Church Of The First Born, a non
denominational church, across from the "he's got a camera, I got my mind" Ed
Lambert of WXTK 95.1 FM, talk radio.

As for "godfathers" well, ah, my Godfather is buried in Dennis, MA. Yep, we
Mahlers have one powerful song "Teddy's Song", and that song is ours and
yours. Wanna listen? 1st, remember, we the United States did NOT cause
that Earthquake in Haiti, plain and simple, so says I and any Haitian 'round
the world whom have heard it. 2nd. You can bet your buttocks it does
"sound like an Earthquake".

For some reason, I don't believe for a second, I'll have the time to watch
TV and listen to and view my song "Teddy's Song" on major broadcast news,
anytime soon. Mr. Godfather of all things electronic here on Cape Cod,
West Yarmouth, you can thank #1 Usama Bin Laden Irishman for letting me know
in his own words you are "La Costra Nostra". Sir, my buddy Jumpin' Joe 64
needs some electronics, free. Of course, he's not the only one. Mr. Alan
Ganz, hey, yer a Jew, I'm not but my buddy Dicky is....where did you
disappear of the face of the map from? Yer still 'round, I know, so is the
Polish PSYDOC who told me, circa 2005 "I can't find anything wrong with
you". That there is one awesome reason of mine to head to Florida, but I'm
not. That's where he was, surrounded by people, namely a PSYDOC who in no
uncertain terms, "I'd get killed" if I ever went "south" o'er the border.
She, was definatly and still is from someplace, South America. Yea, well,
there is this big country called Brazil. Autos anyone? Love under cars

Do we, control the print o'er here? Yep, Cape Cod Times multiplied by God /
Allah (please insert your God's name here) knows how many more others 'round
here. That's
Attention please: To the two children of Michael Jackson, of whom appeared
At the Grammies last night. “Prince†you looked like some guy I worked with
At Cape Cod Potato Chips during the 90’s. Unfortunately for me, possibly him,
a white racists skinhead was practically cheering him on to go have sex with someone.
I’m not kidding. If it had been anyone else cheering him on, well, maybe this world would not have such a 21st Century Breakdown. As for the white racist, last I knew
He was charged with “threatening to commit murder†last week. Yep, nothing like writing a long note to a man named Freeman of whom is an attorney. My middle name is
Keith, unfortunate for that white neo nazi racist, his name is Keith. Any Keiths in the world care to ah, discuss this? To your sister, Prince, as far as I know, yep, same daddy,
Not Mikey as rumored throughout the press and God only knows where else.
Hey, I’ve been through that, go look at Hitler, the Hitler #2 somewhere in South America.
No, I’m not his son, but by God, yes I do want that rumor squashed and eradicated.
Thanks Glen Beck, for airing the video last week of Hitler #2 somewhere in South America.


Sundays edition, meaning
yesterday for example!

AVATAR: Yep, there's one gigantic reason why I got divorced,
"disappointing" was my ex-pappy in laws words about our divorce last week,
the 1st time we spoke via phone since August 2007.

God God, why oh why is there a felon, of whom, tried to kill his own father,
in Florida, up here in public housing? He served 7 1/2 yrs. "Knock
knocking on Heavens (US ARMY) doors". That's loco local in my humble
opinion. To my ex-wife, "Olive branches come in the form of -you don't have
to pay me for the cable bill anymore", I do think you know that by now. As
for the David Letterman guest on tele last week. Either you have a twin
mam, or that was YOU by the South Yarmouth Library with "an avatar". "I
really love you baby, I love what you got" -"Love Gun" by KISS, sang by Paul
Please do not dismiss my hand written intelligence anymore "whitey". I bet
you were bulging LOL.

So who is the taliban o'er here on Cape Cod? You can consider me, William K.
Mahler the leader and why? Well, you can thank my (then) wife for telling
me to "go to Germany, I'm in liquid and hanging upside down" years ago.
Why? Hey, I've got a cross on my left shoulder and a dolphin on my right
but as for my "evil twin" he's got swatsticka's on his shoulders and he was
then, completely white, bald and probably "out of the tube and in the field"
as of a long time ago. Thanks Dicky, I hope the Iranians get the message,
we are united, including the Iranians, the Prez o'er there too. Das Boot
and reality anyone?

Pfftt...for the record, while we the United States have "armed" Tiawann
(*thanks Danny), we are not going to militarize Haiti. Wanna try me? The
military got it's collective asses kicked straight into bedlam during the
movie "Avatar" when the military tried to attack the holy site. You believe
my song "Teddy's Song" is powerful? In the embodiement of peace, unity and
laughter: That's just a blip on the radar screen.

Dear Japan and Korea, thank you for allowing me to turn left o'er by the
bank to Janet & Chris's house yesterday, if you had not, we, that is a
Oriental woman and I would've collided. Those are some powerful brakes.

Have I forgot anyone? Yep, hey, Satan, yes you. You are on this Earth too
and believe you me, I do believe Usama Bin Laden would like to personally
shotgun shoot you straight into oblivion.
Heeeyyyy,.......that there is one Mr. Gonzalves of the Cape Cod Times who
proudly informed anyone within reading distance yesterday exactly the kinda
shenanagins you are up to Satan.
There is supposed to be a long distance cable line going across the ocean,
where once, glaciers ruled supreme. I don't believe for a second, you and
your cable boxes are going to have anything to do with that stuff, anymore,

Pearl Jam: "Worldwide Suicide" this is not.

To the young woman of whom, well, it's a long story, it occured when my then
wife and her then (married) boyfriend dared a tall young blonde woman to
make love to me, while I was asleep in front of my then, powered on
computer. I have to get recording my own music soon, daughter of mine,
daughter of miiiine. Mr. Roger Taylor, there is Andy Taylor in the morgue,
my opinion? "white racists" left him bruised used and dangerous to know in
a trunk aprox. 2 days ago. That did not happen on Cape Cod, thank every

BTW, Kanye West...I think by now, you truly know not to jump on stage and
interrupt an award ceremony again.van bombing in NYC during the Clinton
admin, yep, on Cape Cod, we knew the whole damn thing was coming, thanks to
me, thanks to a few police officers and of course, Pakistani's and everyone
from the middle east o'er here then in downtown Hyannis, but due to a lack
of internet technology and an overpowering amount of "fused and bluesed" tv
and radio training, the young "Usama Bin Laden" then totally had our asses
backed against the wall.

Lest you forget "Cape Cod UBL" it we, the Jews, the French, the Germans,
the Russians, the Chinese, the Vietnamese and the Polish and everyone else
who collectively kicked out the "white power" in the 90's, yes, the same
ones that had you browning your underwear in your apartment while they
marched upstairs in theirs o'er your and your wife's head for a couple of
months. Yes, they are back, and every indication is the Colts are and are
not directly responsible, meaning, to quote a long dead rapper "you can't
touch this". Personally? "Oh when the Saints, coming marching in, oh when
the Saints come marching in" pfftt...hey Peyton Manning....don't bother
showing up for the Superbowl, lesson learned, "AVATAR".

Oh, for you whom remember the truly "blip on the radar screen" I'm single
and yes, I do by God, seek to NATURALLY father children, plain and simple.

So with that written, to Usama Bin Laden, please remember you are absolutaly
unique, just like everyone else. I'm the man who went online to state, you
are the 2nd coming of Christ, only this time, armed to the teeth and who can
blame you? I don't, if I'd had died like Jesus on the cross, you can bet
your beard, I'd be biologically armed like a massive hydrogen bomb deep
inside my body, not soul, body. I said that on behalf of anyone that
believes you are the 2nd coming of Christ, me? I'm a religious mercenary, I
belong to no church, whatsoever.

Oh, to the sewing specialist who sewed the "sharpie" in my leather jacket,
you are on notice, my notice, point made, I don't believe you will try that
again, along with your idiotic cohort who a: removed "county fair" from my
laptop and b: jammed the USB port next to my CD/DVD drive. Culprits? Tony
Soprano might be headed to the big screen but the loco local T. O. M. is (I
hope) headed to the 8X10 room in the Bourne, MA. lockup facility (county
jail) for breaking the rules of his probation, more than once. Enlarged
liver and all of his in my heart and soul, as Whitey Bulger is out and
about, his bro and I have much in common. He is the same bro, whom held a
makeshift Olive Branch with me, early 1970's, Eastham, MA. I read you a
vocal riot act o'er the phone bro, I will vocalize on anyone involved with
you that does not follow local, state, federal and international laws (that
includes spiritual too) and I already did, beginning with our mom, I know
you already knew that. In the words of one unique individual, to the effect
of "you are at my complete and total mercy". I haven't vocally told Dicky
that the alcohol he's been saving for decades, has already been watered down
by you over a year ago.
He already knows you took his Grand Marquis while he slept and that you were
seen driving while intoxicated, recently.

Micah & Brandy: Power to you and your children. We are all not just "Black
Spots" anymore. Reality and estates are not just fiction anymore.

Yes, Leonda, you can have babies, no, no more clots circa 1980's and yes
Leonda, it would be a dire world without you. I'm not your God, I'm the
same boy then, of whom told you and your family during the 1970's I wanted
to be a Captain of a Battleship. Seems like now, then, summer 1984, you
were the only person on planet Earth daring enough and willing enough to say
that to your friend, Liz, of whom was my "summer love" and myself, upon
coming within proximity of my parents home then, while I stood outside.
"Jack rabbits no more".

DJ Danny Walsh, according to a free mans secy, you are not related to her.
Then again, I do believe Dennis Earl of Earls Gas o'er in Sandwich, MA, he
is blood related to former President George W. Bush. Yep, so do countless
by now, people who have spread the word.

George Tenant, well, sir, by now, I hope you know, I have no intentions of
studying your lessons at the University you are/were a professor at years
ago. For the record, Bridget Ann Durkin, she passed away, March 2005,
terminal cancer. Aside from the neighbors and I whom watched you cross the
parking lot from where we all resided and enter the building, she was the
only direct "Saint" link to the real world, Leonda, Janet, Debbie, Chris,
Danny, me and countless others of whom she raised selflessly her whole life,
in my humble opinion. The Mother Theresa of Cape Cod & Ireland she was and
always will be. Of course, I know she exists again in spirit, two elder
people and I had a conversation long after her death, o'er by the same
"Thatcher's Park", where the "Merry Christmas To You" photos were taken, by
me, December 24, 2004, South Yarmouth, MA.

To you o'er there in CNN, the "Dick Tracy" of the weather department, in the
form of an adopted African American, of whom I considered my first
connection to Africa during my elementary years, well, she was angry with me
a few years ago, I don't blame her, I was a volunteer for law enforcement,
but never really informing law enforcement ahead of time. I should've for,
well, no I don't go looking for drugs anymore TB, meaning, I've not again,
talked with a school secy face to face like that. TB, I apologize here and
now for hugging you by surprise in front of your girlfriend, if that is what
upset you.

Oh....what was I going to write?

Non Defense Freeze...indeed.

"Footsteps" ...dedicated to Bridget Anna Durkin.
by W. K. Mahler, Copyright, 2004.

I finally found myself a home
Oh there's nobody inside
I got no money in my pocket
But i got a honest sense of respect and pride
Oh, might've got dirtier along the way
Intentional or mistake what can i say
What can i say
Oh finger across the lips
Yeah hand to your side near your hip
Pointing along your own chosen path
Looking for another reason to find a reason to laugh
Pointing which way should you and i go
Another garage turned into a home
Might be tomorrow might be today
This song is slowing momentarily anyway
Looking out by this old street light
Might be prayin' for something better than Gods might

I hear your footsteps
I hear your footsteps
I hear your footsteps
I'm gonna follow your footsteps

Might just stop here at the corner for awhile
Yes you did, I think you did yes it was just for awhile
Another car coming zoomin right on by
Nobody looking out lookin' in the eye
Another night looking back about tomorrow and today
Moments of happiness end up arguments right away
About how it is between you and I
How to talk to me when your not looking me in the eye
About these serious mistakes we make
How about just stopping and living for goodness sake

I'm gonna follow your footsteps
Gonna make my own footsteps
I'm gonna follow your footsteps
I'm gonna follow your footsteps

All for now, W. K. Mahler
"Cape Cod Haiti Connexion"
Free Online Resource List

William K. Mahler
Non Parishoner Volunteer, WebDev
Volunteer, M2 Technologies Inc.
W. K. Mahler Music Publishing Co. ASCAP

Yahoo Instant Messenger ID: mahlerscom
Cape Cod, MA. USA

Church Of The First Born
A Non Denominational Church
Bishop Waner Cadet

163 Barnstable Road
Hyannis, MA. USA. 02601

"Tom" <
tom.poynton@googlemail.com> wrote in message

Afghan Taliban leader ready to end al-Qaida ties, says former trainer

Mullah Muhammad Omar 'a good man' and wants peace in Afghanistan, says
Brigadier Sultan
Amir Tarar

Declan Walsh in Rawalpindi

guardian.co.uk, Friday 29 January 2010 18.12 GMT

The Taliban leader in Afghanistan, Mullah Muhammad Omar, is ready to
break with his al-Qaida allies in order to make peace in the country,
according to the former Pakistani intelligence officer who trained

Brigadier Sultan Amir Tarar, a retired officer with Pakistan's Inter-
Services Intelligence (ISI) agency, said: "The moment he gets control
the first target will be the al-Qaida people. He wants peace in the
country, he doesn't want adventure. He has enough of that."

If accurate, his assessment would be a major boon to western countries
scrambling to find a negotiated solution to the Afghan war. Talking to
the Taliban was the principal focus of a major conference on
Afghanistan held in London this week.

But how to divorce the Taliban from its al-Qaida allies who have
provided funding, expertise and ideological drive over the past eight
years is one of the major headaches facing diplomats and intelligence

Few know the Taliban as well as Tarar, who is sometimes called the
"godfather of the Taliban" owing to his pivotal role in fostering the
group's emergence during the chaos of Afghanistan's 1990s civil war.

Speaking at his home in Rawalpindi, the 65-year-old downplayed the
significance of reports that the head of the UN mission to
Afghanistan, Kai Eide, met senior Taliban commanders in Dubai earlier
this month for "talks about talks".

"The people who went over there didn't have any value. There were no
hardcore people from Mullah Omar's shura," he said, citing refugees
and "people coming from Afghanistan" as his sources.

Tarar said Taliban talks could succeed only through direct engagement
with Omar, the one-eyed leader whom he trained in guerrilla warfare
during the 1980s.

Tarar still speaks affectionately of his former student, who has not
been seen publicly since 2001. "He is a good man. He is for his
country, not for any mischief," he said.

Tarar warned that any attempts to break the Taliban through cash
bribes or "reconciliation" schemes would fail. "They are trying to
damage the main actors, to isolate them. But I know the Afghan psyche.
It won't work," he said.

Despite a welter of speculation this week there are few hard facts
about the prospects of negotiations with the Taliban any time soon. It
remains unclear whether the insurgents, who have spread to 33 of
Afghanistan's 34 provinces, are ready to negotiate, or would prefer to
simply await the departure of western troops.

Tarar was a key link between Pakistan intelligence and the Taliban
when posted to Afghanistan in the 1990s. He was popular with Afghan
militants for his enthusiastic embrace of their culture and his shared
religious zeal.

He shares the hostility to US policy common to many Pakistani
officers. The Afghan war cannot succeed because there is a lack of
"conviction", he said.

"If the Americans bring a superior faith, or a convincing cause, they
can win. But they don't have it. Even their own soldiers are unhappy,"
he said.

The ISI is likely to play a key role in any talks with the Taliban. A
senior western official said the ISI's co-operation was vital – if not
to aid negotiations, then at least to prevent the spy agency
sabotaging them.



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roll.gifroll.gifsorry WKMahler...but that is just too long for me to read!!!!!!......maybe you could condense it a wee bit and 'cut to the chase'?smile.gifcos im sure its interesting if its that long!smile.gif

I've read as much of his post as I can, and it's just too confusing. I don't think it would become any more understandable if he shortened it.
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