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[quote name='jojes wrote:

Zhivvy wrote:

Zhivvy wrote:

vertigoed']Adam helps me run the place and has his own pair
 I think he wants your number!

*Zhivvy trips over her feet speeding off to give Bono her number! Luckily she regains her poise and sits down opposite him* 


Zhivvy is very sleepy so asks Bono to walk her home
 In a totally honourable way!!!!

who can be honorable when bono is walking them home ???


In my defense - he did just walk me home, what a true gentleman. We had a lovely chat on the way back and nothing more than a nice hug and kiss by my door. Although we do have a date at the pub on Saturday to do some more dancing!! Oh what shall i wear!!!!! laugh.gif

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laugh.gif Haha! Night's with Bono at the pub... Morning in here recovering... I sense a pattern tongue.gif Maybe this cafe should be called "The Morning After" LOL

yeah, 'The morning after the nite before....'

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