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Cafe Achtung- Coffee & Food For Those Who Want It


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[quote name='barbara1 wrote:

Janette B wrote:

barbara1']how come your morning's not that great, janette? is it the weather? hope you arent suffering from a hangover...

No, weather is great and no hangover . . . . my tempermental daughter woke up in a nasty mood . . . she's at "that age" we call the wonder years (or the hell years, lol) . . . you know, the eye rolling
(not that I ever did such a thing) and the attempts at talking back . . . . grrrrrrr!  Then she left her lunch at home and I had to deliver it to the school, etc., etc., etc. . . . . lots and lots of irritations yesterday!

wow, thats a day out the life off barbara, you're describing....


Kids today!!!! Aren't they cute???? Anyway, at least she was back to "normal" (whatever that is) today ")))

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[quote name='barbara1 wrote:

Luzzi']Can I have two eggs, english bacon, beans, tomatoes and pancakes? Thank you very much.

wow, you sound very hungry...


how bout giving this customer the 'badgirl' breakfast.....?Lol, Well I was very hungry but now I am full. This cafe is Magnificent. Whats the "badgirl: girl breakfast?

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