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The Legend of Saint Valentine

Once upon a time, in ancient Rome,

A healer welcomed his patients to his home.

His name was Valentine, and his art,

He ministered to body, mind, and heart.

One day, a jailer from the citadel

Said, “Can you make my daughter well?

Though sightless, she is all the world to me!

Dear Valentine, please help my daughter see!â€

With gentle herbs and, most of all, with prayer,

The kindly Christian treated her with care.

With faith and trust in god, between the two

A sacred bond of heartfelt feeling grew.

The emperor of Rome became aware

That many Christians lived and worshipped there.

Accusing them of evil with a lie,

He sentenced every one of them to die.

So in a prison, Valentine was thrown,

To spend his final days on earth alone.

“Let’s write to him,†his little patient said.

“To My Dear Valentine,†her message read.

Her Christian friend departed to the Lord-

yet on that day, her eyesight was restored.

This miracle inspired the cherished sign

Of love and friendship called a “valentine.â€

May the timeless message of this special day

Fill your heart with God’s love.

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