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My new U2 tattoo


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Here it is, very happy with the results!

We edited the lyrics abit just so it would fit more with my arm and balance out,for example the second line became a nobody instead of no one and there is anand take out of the last line, love it!

It is on my inner right forearm middle/back.

What do you guys think? :D




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haha oh dont apologise, Ive had tattoos since i was 15, Im now 19 as of a week ago on Sunday haha, 4 years!

and my first was the simple words "U2" with a dragon above!

see, I AM crazy haha, U2 have helped me through a LOT of crap in my life, including my fathers death and kept my head above the water so hell why not :D

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That's really nice Bex...........really nice.......I was gonna get mine done but it needs some re-designing, cutting down a bit and I wanna change somewords. Gotta go and see the guy who did my daughters and see what he says. Here's the design how it is now........


This is the one that I want to get




And this is my daughters Phoenix tattoo



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