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My new U2 tattoo

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Infin8tum wrote:

Not very nice!


Sorry if you dont like what I say but I think a woman should be feminine and tattoos are not, no matter what they depict!

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But, FFS, it is the 21st Century, a woman can do what she wants. A tattoo can or cannot be good, but just because itis, or isn't on a woman, should not matter.


FWIW, some tattoos on here i liked, some i didn't. I know a few women (who are very feminime it that makes any difference) who have U2 tattoos. They areonly small(ish), and i think they look quite good. One is every very good! (she knows who she is - Lovetown)


I don't have any tattoos, but that is another story....

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Infin8tum wrote:

Is that tattoos are not feminine.


I am a man and I have a couple of tattoo's.


Make up obviously is feminine when used correctly.


I think tattoo's on women are just wrong.


Even on women who dress and look like men!


Im not keen on tribal marks on women either, they just dont carry it off very well.


Some things are masculine and some things are feminine. Like women body builders, they look stupid.




If you don't like tattoos on women, don't look at them.


Tattoos, makeup, jewelry, hairstyles, clothing... any 'norms' are merely cultural, and there actually are. no. rules. Isn't that great!? We havethe freedom to be and express ourselves however we like.


The world is a very big place.. free your mind.

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seen my tattoo,the under a blood red sky.want to get another one.any ideas.the great man himself(bono)saw it and said awesome man at wembley popmart.me and thewife waited outside and met bono,edge and larry.great memories

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I am pretty new (obvious by my post count...) and while I DID finally sign up so I could get a presale code, I am really excited about getting to know some folks on here!


I had to hit this thread first because, well, I have been told by many many people that I have the most ridiculous U2 tattoo ever. And I actually have two (I need to get a pic of the ones on my wrists eventually...) but this was my statement of eternal devotion:





Yes, the text DOES say "My <3 belongs to 4 Irishmen..." (Yes, I know that its two Irishmen, a Brit and a Welshman as well, but it works for the layperson, I suppose...) Larry's face is a little skewed because of how I had to hold my arm for the photo and you can't see the detail in Adam's face like you can IRL... you can even see his glasses in the tattoo! And I can't tell you how many time in line at 7-11 someone has asked me "Who dat? Dat yo' family...?"

Uh, yeah, they are my uncles, which is why I am here, in line, at 7-11, buying a Big Gulp and a pack of gum and not at some villa in France eating peeled grapes... sheesh.


Anyway, pleased to make your acquaintance and such... so where should I start with all of the site content? I feel a bit overwhelmed at this point, ha.











This is so cool! I love the detailing and of course the saying!



Everyones tats are really great! I want to get one someday. I

ve designed a few but have never had the never to get them. I'd really like to get tribal angel wings on my shoulder blades and a sacred heart somewhere.

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Very cool..........even more cool is the fact that I have been listen to U2 for 20+ years and you are 19 and like U2!! Love that they cross generations.

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