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The countdown-thread

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Come to Dublin - all of you. it will be amazing!!!


And two weeks on Monday I will be there!!! Can't wait and will be thinking of you all!

Any of you who wants their names posted on the studio walls let me know and I will be happy to oblige for you!

And anyone who wants a postcard just pm me your addresses!

me me me!!! dancing1.gif

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Me too,!! (anj , I love all your little critter cartoons.... they are tooooo funny!)


I don't have time to update the countdown list, but I have to rescue this thread from the 2nd page......


Uh oh,.... i'm late for work!


Good morning all!

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Katie's Halloween Vegas trip : 11 days (KatiemL)
Zhivvy going to Dublin again: 12 days (maybe more luck this time round on finding some men!!!)
Larry's birthday: 19 days

Weezer in LA: 45 days (Jbarnych)
Katie's birthday : 56 days (KatiemL)
Christmas : 75 days (just to scare us all for getting it all ready in time!)
Denver Indian Market : 103 days (KatiemL)
Barbara comig to England again!: 180 days**
Barbara and Zhivvy gonig to Dublin: 182 days - watch out Bono - we'll find you!*
Territory Days : 222 days (KatiemL)
Denver: 221 days (Jbarnych) - less than 300 days til the NA Tour!!!
Salt Lake City show: 234 days (Jbarnych)
Seattle: 235 days (Nikki1120)
Anaheim 1: 248 days (Jbarnych, Janette B, Collectoraholic)
Anaheim 2 249 days (Jbarnych, Collectoraholic, Nikki1120)
Montreal 2: 270 days (Collectoraholic)
New York: 281 days (Bev France)
Minneapolis: 284 days (Collectoraholic, Bev France) => dropping under 300 !!!
Katie's dream trip to Dublin : 330 days (KatiemL)

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What!!!! Only 75 days to Christmas?????? That isn't possible . . . . must be a mistake????!!!!!

No, just checked. It's correct. Christmas seems to creep up faster every year.

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