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The countdown-thread

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Oh, and if it's not wet when you go, lay down at the base of the Washington Monument, put your feet up on it and look up. There were several people doing that when I was there. I tried it and found it to be an interesting perspective. 

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Washington, D.C.: 7 days (Janette)

Weezer in LA: 14 days (Jbarnych)
Katie's birthday : 25 days (KatiemL)

Christmas : 44 days (just to scare us all for getting it all ready in time!)
Denver Indian Market : 72 days (KatiemL)
Barbara coming to England again!: 149 days**
Barbara and Zhivvy going to Dublin: 151 days - watch out Bono - we'll find you!*
Territory Days : 192 days (KatiemL)
Denver: 190 days (Jbarnych) - finally under the 200 days!!!
Salt Lake City show: 193 days (Jbarnych) - another under 200!!
Seattle: 204 days (Nikki1120)
Anaheim 1: 217 days (Jbarnych, Janette B, Collectoraholic)
Anaheim 2 218 days (Jbarnych, Collectoraholic, Nikki1120)
Montreal 2: 241 days (Collectoraholic)
New York: 250 days (Bev France)
Minneapolis: 253 days (Collectoraholic, Bev France) => dropping under 300 !!!
Katie's dream trip to Dublin : 299 days (KatiemL)
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[quote name='barbara1 wrote:

Zhivvy wrote:

Lemonhead']Lemonhead turns 40 in 9 days 

Party time!!!

OMG, thats like really old, lemon wink.gif big party ahead?


I've mates coming from Dublin, Edinburgh, Paris & Viareggio (+those in Brussels) and it looks like we'll be painting Brussels green on Saturday night lol

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