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The countdown-thread

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Well I just couldn't stay away. Set off for Paris at 05:30 in the morning and I'm so excited I could burst. Little hitch my tickets are for enterance U, but my friends for Canada are enterance X. Need to try and get an enterance swap to keep us all together. Hopefully it'll be easy sorted once we get over there.

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Paris gig : 1 day (Barbara1, Lumacy, Jojes, Chrissie, Electricco, Zhivvy!!!) WHOOOOOOHOOOO
Brussels 1 gig : 5 days (Barbara1, Lumacy, Jojes, Chrissie, Electricco) { and : I' VE GOT THE TIX!!!!!!!!!! }
Brussels 2 gig : 6 days (Lumacy, Chrissie, Electricco)
Muse in Los Angeles : 8 days (jbarnych)
Katie's Orlando vacation : 8 days (KatiemL)
Kristaps flies to Milan - 15 days
Rome gig: 21 days
Kristaps flies home: 22 days
Katie's Halloween Vegas trip : 36 days (KatiemL)
Zhivvy going to Dublin again: 37 days (maybe more luck this time round on finding some men!!!)
Larry's birthday: 40 days
Katie's birthday : 81 days (KatiemL)
Christmas : 100 days (just to scare us all for getting it all ready in time!)
Denver Indian Market : 128 days (KatiemL)
Territory Days : 247 days (KatiemL)
Denver: 246 days (Jbarnych) - less than 300 days til the NA Tour!!!
Salt Lake City show: 249 days (Jbarnych)
Seattle: 260 days (Nikki1120)
Anaheim 1: 273 days (Jbarnych, Janette B, Collectoraholic)
Anaheim 2 274 days (Jbarnych, Collectoraholic, Nikki1120)
Montreal 2: 295 days (Collectoraholic)
Minneapolis: 309 days (Collectoraholic)
Katie's dream trip to Dublin : 355 days (KatiemL)
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