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EXCLUSIVE! Bono eats alot!


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and to link to my other thread, he also has a crap to follow.....................


walk away walk away,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i will follow through anyone?!?!?!


pasta and meatballs i hear he like alot of. lucio just fed him pasta all the time! is this why bono's moobs are growing?


burgers are a no no! pasties? maybe bono should visit cornwall!



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[quote name='xtraspicy62 wrote:

illumination70']Perhaps Bono should hang out with me because I begin my Bloomsday (12K-run) training on March 1 where I walk 3 miles a day.  On April 1st, the walk turns into a run where I build up to 3.5-4 miles a day if he loves pasta.

can u just see kristie kicking his....

  I can see it now, up by 6AM while strongly enouraging U2's lead singer, "Come on Bono, put some sweat into it" LOL!!

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