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I loved the direction NLOTH went. It brought me back to "The Unforgettable Fire"  clearly U2's "Dark Side Of The Moon" Edges guitar playing is brilliant on that CD and i found it to be brilliant on NLOTH...  both CD's have such a moody feeling to songs and so thoughtfully played...  the music and bonos lyrics and mesmerizing vocals...  Moment Of Surrender is definitely up theres in one of my favorite songs... and "Magnificent" they are amazing songs that didnt get the credit they deserved....   NLOTH is "in my opinion" one of the best Rock CD's to come out in the past 5 years.... listen to the music and how its played...  listen to edges  amazing guitar wizardry.... listen to Larry Mullens Drum Beats... listen Adam Claytons Deep "John Entwhistle" like bass....   and Bonos amazing melodys and lyrics....  and this CD has all of that...  just like Unforgettable Fire....  a classic in my mind...  so i beg..  that you release "Songs Of Ascent" so we can hear more of this Amazing music U2 is creating

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