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What songs would you like to see played on tour that never get played?

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mercuryfalling19 wrote:

Big Girls Are Best..............What? I'm serious! That and the fact that everything else has practically been mentioned, except for maybe Salome!

Noreen, I came across several years ago on a Target Eclusive CD called U2 7. BGAB and Lady with the Spinning Head are on it, including some othertracks as well. It's tucked away in a binder at the moment, otherwise I'd have the entire playlist...........or I could google it now.

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noreendenaro wrote:

I've only heard this song once and would like to hear it again. Where can I listen?

It's from U2 7


Summer Rain


Big Girls are Best

Beautiful Day (Mix)

Elevation (Mix)

Walk On (Single edit)

Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of (Acoustic)

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Awesome! Thanks for the info. My daughter played it for me the first time we went to a U2 concert together. It was THE best concert I have ever been to. Ialways wondered where it came from but never asked... crazy. I hoped I could find it on the website here but so far no luck.


Used to be a big girl but not any more. Still like the song though..

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