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Just a thought,



I was thinking about my very first school days and suddenly remembered my first friend

(Can't think of his name now)


Anyway listen, after a while he had to move away with his family back to his folk's country of birth for reasons unknown.


Thing is...I was unaware that he was in fact Asian until my parents pointed it out to me as I was unaware of him having a different skin colour or religion or anything else for that matter until this was pointed out to me after he had gone.


He was just my best mate to me.


It's only when we are told other people are not the same as us that we begin to see them as being alien or not the same.




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but some differences gets noticed by small kids...

a colleague of mine is in love with black man, they have 2 beautiful, colored little girls. she remembers bringing the oldest to kindergarten first time and another little girl stroke her arm andthen looked at her fingers to check if the color came off.... i think thats funny and sweet...


...its just the idea that different equals subordination or less value, that is put in their heads by others..

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