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What music are you listening to Prt 2

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U2 "Dirty Day". I totally love this song. I really want to hear the Austrilian tour song in 2011. This one is as powerful as Mysterius ways. It is his pitch, the amount of power in it, that I seek. That power is my Prince's energy. Thats what I harnesh for myself. Totally seductive, deep message. I love this song. I finally get to hear it as I should. Its been years that I haven't been able to get the exact wording of it. Who's going to Ride your wild horses". Another montrous song. I tell you, Bono has surpassed all of my spiritual expectations of what a God gifted Man should be. Totally satisfied in all ways. How on earth can a man achieve such STATUS:  I tell you, he was born a regular man like the rest of the world, he is here, but that doesn't mean he is from here. God does everything perfect. Each one of them, has a "Gift", its so obvious, how can 4 men, each with Powerful Gifts, one with the hand, the other with a guitar, the other with a drum, and ONE MAN PRINCE from Ireland with a CODE VOICE. I tell you, too many "SPECIAL" gifts together, no conincidence to Realm, God is working thru them. And I know he is very pleased, I am so pleased too, that I want my own time with my Prince too. After all, I found him, I recognized him, after centuries of traveling, I shall enjoy my sacred Prince again in person. Its the right thing for Realm. I really miss the Prince, its no joke, he owns a share of me energy. I want to see the owner soon, I am going to be one happy Realm. The happiest Realm in the Universe when I get to see him in person, in a normal setting, so he is not "disturbed" by the flocks, and I can merged with him, like I do with the butterflies, I open my fingers, the 2nd and 3rd, I go slowly to where the butterfuly is, I touch it, hold it, then let it go, a perfect God creation and I get to enjoy it. Thats Bono, man closest to perfection and to God, that I have ever seen. To me, he is in the value of a not man made man, rather, God created thru man and woman made. Totally perfect pitch and voice. I imagine my Prince walking in the desert, suddenly he opens his lips, and all the birds begin to approach him. He has a Master's Gift. God surely found pleasure in my Prince. And I want the best for me, so I he is the closest to perfection, to God, and his physical creation is like a DNA perfect. Wow, I am, and Shall be the happiest woman when I meet my Prince again in person soon, hopefully Monday in NY. It could happen to me my Zootopian friends. One must work to achieve one's dreams and desires while one is alive.

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