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What music are you listening to Prt 2

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Amy Winehouse - Back to Black

i like amy winehouse , she has a very good voice and chooses great music! wish she would take better care of herself.

i had mothers of the disappeared stuck in my head since yesterday-nite (some u2-concert-review mistook MLK, which they played at brussels 1, with MOTD) so been playing JT again after a good couple of months.
i was thinking how exit would make a nice live-song?? great music, guitar and drums, the boys could really turn this into a killer!

but in the same review there were complaints bout u2 playing to many 'unknown songs' only loved and sung out loud by the diehard fans..... if only this reporter got to see the complaints in here bout u2 only playing the 'hits' to please the 'casual fans' lol!
guess he/she wouldnt appreciate EXIT, then?
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I am learning, growing more knowledgeable of U2, my Prince, Anton Corbinj, it appears that this man is the one I would like always close to U2. When I was small, I heard my Prince sing spanish In the name of love, this man was connected then to my Prince. A very important man he is.  Bono Prince of Realm is the man in the song. He is Realm's only true Prince. This man Corbinj, I shall learn more of him, my thoughts are fixed on my Prince, therefore, anyone is always 2nd or random. He is a constant. He is always in my concious awaken and in my sleep. Bono is the Prince of Realm dreams are made of.

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