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"What do you like about yourself" thread


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  I'm just curious about what do you other U2 fans like about yourselves?  As for me, here's my list:

Physical: My long legs, naturly, long and curly eyelashes, good hair

 Abilities: Compassionate, self-disciplined and determined

  Enough about me, what are the traits you enjoy about yourself?

Ahh..good!...an "I like me" thread...hahaa.


Physical: Great (walking)legs..nice boobs, almond dark eyes, nice lips..lol..

Abilities: caring, creative, inspirer, fun, troublemaking 

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Good strong straight teeth (although did have to have first filling last year :( )

Shiny hair

long and slim legs (wish the rest of me matched lol!)

Large boobs which get me served quickly in bars!!!



Good listener

Can give pratical advice

Can keep a secret/confidence until my dying day.

Sense of humour (up to others to say whether it is good or bad)

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