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Bono lookalike


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The man that crossed my path looked exactly like the picture of BONO on the "GROUPS" PAGE of this website. And that picture makes my Prince look like he is Bad, evil and angry, someone has savotage my Prince when taking pictures, capturing him angry and mean. I would like take this opportunity to ask whoever put the picture there, to stop savotaging Prince Bono and replace that picture with the one that he "WEARS A RED RUFFLE SHIRT" (because this picture shows him for who he is, a true Sun King, Prince of times past from Ireland, who lived in his castle with his little girl) but his life was cut short as was the Little Girl's by someone of close origin), evil person, now, I suffer without my Prince,  OR A CURRENT ONE WITH HIS CREW CUT" BUT not looking mad and angry, although I know, he like us, must let out steam sometimes. Bono is a gentle soul, I know he is not perfect, because of the way we all came into the world, but I tell you, his essence is clean and pure, and I feel like screaming out my feelings of helplessness, even angry because I am hungry to feel his energy. Thats the truth of Realm.


He looks sexy with the crew cut, I like it, he is more mature, getting older but still, his energy is strong, clean and pure and I like that, he gets stronger and stronger.


I like the Rolling Stones picture downthere, he's the one I have in my thoughts when I sleep. I like him to feel peace, calm, serenety, inner freedom from the soul. I want him to be unstressed and happy.


No, an impostor of the Prince will not fool the Lost Little Girl or Realm. The realm Prince is lovable even to look at.

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I feel angry inside when I think of "an impersonator" of all people, Bono, Realm's Prince. I really really don't like it. One diamond, One star, One Prince, Original of us, with perfect pitch, voice, movement. Impersonate anyone but not my Prince, he is an original and there is only one. I only live and search for his energy, the true original Bono.



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[quote name='illumination70 wrote:

jackie_llopis']lol i've seen him but the "Bono impersonators" creep me out!

 That's interesting because I always believed imitation is the best form of flattery!!!


I don't have a problem with impersonators.  I've seen a couple very good U2 Tribute bands.  One in particular that's great and the lead singer looks a lot like Bono is the Unforgettable Fire tribute band.  His name is Tony and he looks and sounds great.  And he knows to leave the Bono impersonation for the act on stage.

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