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One album from your top 5 bands... if end of world happened and we were evacuated to alien planet and were allowed only one cd of each


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if you could pick only ONE album to be your favorite from each of your top 5 bands of all-time... what would they be. 

Or... if it was 2012 and the world was going upshit... and we were being evacuated to.. um... exoplanet Gliese whichever B or C or... whatever...  and aliens claimed you could only take one of each.... doesnt necessarily have to be a THE favorite....

1. u2 - achtung baby... but id severely miss the others.. and unforgettable fire. hmmmmmmm......
2. new order - (thats fucking hard... because they've got so much stuff.. and so much stuff spaced out amongst craploads of random album-less singles and whatnot...) - eitherrrrrrr Brotherhood or ...... Waiting for the Sirens Call.... or.... Republic. 
3. simple minds - sparkle in the rain
4. madonna - um.. ray of light?
5. depeche mode - music for the masses..................

i'd freekin cheat it and make a massive mix tape.. what?

im horrible.

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U2:Achtung Baby - Sorry promenade and one tree hill but Ultraviolet is me being 18 forever!!!


Pink Floyd: Learning to fly (Momentary lapse of reason) Remembering the good times on earth...being 18.


Vanilla Sky soundtrack: Doot Doot by freur...sigor ros...spiritualized...soundtrack to remember and break free to the unknown..sad


Marvin Gaye: Sexual Healing album whatever it's called


Guns and Roses: use your illusion

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