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The MacFoley Appreciation Thread

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Don't tell my heart, my achy breaky heart,

I just don't think he'd understand,

And if you tell my heart, my achy breaky heart,

He might blow up and kill this man. Oooh.



love that song!!!
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[quote name='mick james wrote:

Zhivvy wrote:

mick james wrote:

Janette B']Is Zhivvy dressed as a nurse and Mac has close ups with pervert expressions???? ARGH!!!! You're going to give me nightmares!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!



Nightmares huh?


I'd bloody love to see that!



I'm sure i'd look darn sexy in a nurse's outfit!!! I'll get practising running in circles around the park.

It wasn't me it was mac who started the pussy comments after I said my Zoo name is my cat's name.

And Mick my tattooed arse is in my pics - but not clearly an arse! lol!!!

And yes i do have a little one and she is going to her first U2 gig this summer!! She's coming to Hannover in red zone so she can get a great view but not ga. It's a couple of days after her 7th birthday. She doesn't know yet but will be rocking the night away when she gets there!! And she'd better enjoy it more than Miley Cyrus at christmas!!! And read about baby kicking during RATM. Her first gig was when i was about 5 months - we went to motorhead, but she didn't move much. The worse was about 7 months gone, we were at her godmother's birthday party in london at a club, with all the crap hard dance stuff and she wouldn't keep still - all sodding night!


Nice to see we both took our unborn bubs to heavy metal concerts!


Now about that nurses uniform........ embarassed.giflaugh.gifroll.gif


Your duaghter is going to be blown away! But c'mon that Miley's all they seem to care about-  my neice was trying to teach me some Miley dance the other day, and she didn't believe me when I said her dad was famous for really bad country music and a bad hair-do when I was her age.


She has asked for ages to go and see them - was not happy when mummy kept going off to gigs last summer and she was left behind! She says that she wants to see them so we can bounce up and down to elevation, beautiful day and she loves the old ones too - poor Daddy who is being dragged along and isn't that much of a fan - he will be converted!

And I bet it was the hoedown throwdown you were being taught - can't believe that you don't know it already! I can do it with my eyes shut - and better if the audience shut their eyes too!! And to be honest (can't believe i'm saying this) the concert wasn't that bad - better than i expected!


And as for the nurses outfit .... barbara has kindly said that i can borrow one of hers .... but may be a little small on me!

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what the feck has been going on in here! i cant leave you all alone for a day before you hijack my own thread!
laugh.gif and we had fun doing it!
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