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HAIL HAIL the ZHIVSTER! bolton chicks are cool!

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Its a "Short Circuit Moment" that causes sudden calling, chanting of Bono. The energy throws out spurs of energy which decry the fact that he is not here, and therefore, gets relief by chanting Bono's name and sending him love energies, only PURE energies please for the Prince. Prince, Realm is thinking of you in a Flower Realm/location. I describe the "Short Circuit" as a burst of energy screaming anxiety, desire to be with the Prince. Asking him to come and adjust the wires sort of speaking. Normalize Realm's energies Prince, soon please. The Essence recognizes you are not physically here and it goes haywire, it hits Realm with strong electrical impulses demanding that she start calling you any way, any means in order to feel relieved a little bit. Something is being done, you understand what I mean, Realm is still working to get the Prince somehow. Thats what I mean, as you know who is inside pressuring to keep up to the job of seeking Bono.



So Rosa, does that mean you do or don't like Bono porn?
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