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500 + songs..but only 25 or so to play?


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OK I am going to jump this topic off.....HERE IS MY ---U2---ISSUE......


been to 27 shows since the mid 80's and never had a bad show yet.....but......always felt the shows were tight with only 2 or 3 songs swapped out.nt tont.....HERE IS THE QUESTION ....




my ideas...have fans vote on an encore song,,,put 3 songs on those ZOO screens and pick!

another...strip it down for a few songs..just a big black stage..maybe even with the house lights on,

[this happed in the old Boston Garden when the show/color lts.malfunctioned and BONO said turn the

house lts on ...we'll play on...they did for about 4 songs..!!!!]

last one ..drop the opening act...play 2 and 1/2 hrs with an intermission.......{you could have 2 shows in one]



SO....YOUR IDEAS...??????????????????

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i like it how they have it now, they need more variety though: songs they haven't played or rarely played. they could drop some of the stalwart songs. ilike your idea about the encore, that's def. do-able. and yeah, i really don't need to see an opener, i didn't pay to see an opening act (nooffense to the openers), but i understand its a kind of tradition, homage to how U2 got big i guess.

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