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To U2, U2.com Management and Moderators etc

mick james

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Dear U2, Site Management, Moderators and anyone else involved in the running of the fanclub.


As you may or may not be aware,

there has been much discussion and concern by many members in the last short while,

over the percieved value of the membership package of U2.com, the technical maintenance of the site and also the U2 Shop attached to this site.


These concerns have been raised by many in several other threads in this forum, and don't need to be raised again here.


All we ask as some of your most dedicated and passionate members is some kind of acknowledgement of these issues by someone involved in running this site.


We would like to think as fully paid members of this site, that we have some kind of voice and that it will be heard by management, the moderators or the band themselves.


Of course we ask this respectfully, and this is in no way a petition, just of log of those who would appreciate a response.


The following paid and/or free  members request some form of acknowledgement.


Yours Faithfully


Mick James.

Sydney, Australia.






NB. to fellow Zootops

Please use the other the active threads to discuss this topic, and just leave your member name if you would also appreciate some kind of acknowledgement.



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