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Please Help have found out My Brother is a heroin addict


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tired.gifI got a phone call telling me my brother was in prison for dealing heroin to police officers.  My mum and I were glad he was in prison because at least then he could get help. Then they let him out of prison and my older brother has said that this is because he is small fry and the police will monitor him to get the really big fish.

Doesn't matter if he takes an overdose in the meantime to them does it after all what's another dead junkie.

My cousin Mark Harrison died of an overdose in 1994 he was 30 and I can't believe my brother has been so stupid to get involved with this drug but he's never got over being abused by his father. 

am expecting phone call any day informing me of his death.

They don't care (police) about the junkies family and that a dead junkie is a beloved brother son and cousin and father.

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indifferent.gifThanks sweetie, am also dreading the day I have to tell my 8 year old daughter her uncle has died. xxxx


At least he'll be at peace, he's had a terrible life.


His body may go in the ground but it will be nourishment for the earth and he'll appear as a blade of grass and nourish the roots of plants and trees and then they will flower and birds will carry leaves to far away places that he never got to visit and one day the seeds of the trees and plants will be carried and a fruit will grow that will be eaten my a mother who will in turn nourish her unborn child.


So the circle of life will go on.


He loved It's a Beautiful Day "The heart is a bloom"

So I'll alway remember him with this song

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sorry to hear this, shirley. and you're so right so many people (policemen, doctors, caregivers...) fail to see the person behind the addict.

i work as a nurse and sometimes we get OD-ers, and alcoholics on our ward, and i cant stand it when my colleagues talk bout them as if their stupids and its their own fault. i argue that you cant judge cause you never know the full background; what has happened to them, what has gone wrong in their life to make them reach for these substances?


cause just maybe we would have made the same bad choices in similar situation....


all you can do is love him, i guess, but also protect youself... don let it ruine your life too. hope you dont think its to harsh, but i 'm talking out of experience... hugs , shirley and i hope you and your family can support eachother in this awefull times.

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if he really wants the help, sweetie, he will go and get it

doesnt matter it he was let out of prison

he has to want it

bad enough to go and find it

addicts will not recover until they are ready

pushing will not help

pleading will not help

you will be used and manipulated

until theyve hit their own personal bottom

and decide that theyre sick and tired of being sick and tired

you can direct him to resources and leave him informatin on support groups

but dont get suckered in to being personally responsible for his actions

he needs to be accountable for his actions and his choices

can he get into reahab where you are?

if he can, then why hasnt he gone?

is he not yet hit his bottom?

take care of your self so you can be strong for him

try going to free support groups for people who love addicts/are family members, like alanon

dont isolate yourself..seek your own couseling/support from the community, family, friends, an one else you trust

read up on addicts behaviors online

go to online support groups and get spport and advice

maintain your own health like eating right, getting adequate sleep and staying involved in other activities

unfortunately, addicts can work you and suck you dry like a vampire

draw very firm boundries and stick by them, and enlist others to help you stick by them...

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 have you thought of writing a letter to him about how you feel about this and the fact that you don't want him dead? Writing things down is a good way of getting things clear in your head and you know if you don't want to give it him then you could always rip it up and throw it in the bin.


But also if he doesn't know how it's affecting people then maybe he doesn't see the point of getting out if the hole he's in


But yes don't let him get you down and I agree with what Spicey has said maybe go to support groups and see how other people have delt with these things.


Just take care of yourself

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Shirley, this may sound insensitive but that is not the intention of my questions...


1. How would you like us to help you?


2. Why are you talking about your brother as someone who will die soon?


3. Is there a possibility that he could survive his addiction and get to live a close to normal life?


4. Have you lost hope for him, and if so, why?

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Mummy you have a few good points but if her cousin has died from heroin maybe that's why she's expecting a phone call. Sounds as though she's seen it all before and just wants some idea on how to deal with it maybe or just wants some understanding?

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