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My ACROS-POEM words below that I used to create this full poem.

clap, secret, daylight, transporter, path, bible, loud, symphony, lamp, walking, serenity, glitter, courage, revelation, sympathy, alone, friend




Corresponding (+in) love and peace,


(+guarded) sensitive essential criteria, rigorously establishing trust,


displac(+ed)(-ing) all yearlong, (+before) lunar influenced great high tides;


tender rains aromatized newborn skies; producing orderly rainbows (+and) transcending embodied realms.


(+As) promise ascends the heart,


(+the) bearer (-is) beholding (+the) litera(+ture)(-l) (of) enlightenment


(+began) liberally (+and) outlandish(+ly), (+narrating at) uncontrollable decibels,


(+then) serenely Yahweh mended passionless hearts, orchestratively, navigating (+beyond) yesterday.


Luminescence abound(+ing)(-s) (+the) magnificen(+ce)(-t) (+of) peace,


while wandering alon(+e)(-g), lending kindness, (+again) instinctively narrating glory,


silence’s essence retire(+d)(-s) excitement, notably inspiring (-the)(+a) yawn.


Great light indicated the timely earthly return,


(with) confident, orderly, undisturbed reverence amidst (+the) grand engagement,


reveal(+ing) everlasting victory, establishing light and truth inherent of nations,


(+ending) soulful (-ly) yearning (+of) moments (+so) preciously assigned to

happie(+r)(-st) years,


(+and to no longer require) a longing of neutral existence,


(with now) forgotten ridicule; (and with only) inspirited(-ing) endless noble decency.

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It is day inside and a warm fires burning

but outside it is dark and still

The dog is warm in his home

The children are tired from

a great story daddy been telling

Comes lets rest in utter peace says

smiling wife, mother, husband father

as the children have fallen asleep

carried safely to bed..

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ACROS-POEM words below that I used to create this latest full poem.

Earth, freezing, conscience, humbles, funny, narrow, vegetation, mirage, migration, protocol, profound, dream, readiness, circular,




(+The earth was) established (+with) abounding resources’;(and) her trustees (were) humanity,


(+soon) freedoms (+were) removed, encourag(+ing)(-ed) enthusiastic zealots in nightly gatherings,


(+to) clear(+ly) observ(+e)(-ance) (+the) necessit(+y)(-taties) (+to) scrutiniz(+e)(-ing) (+more) control into effectuating needful correlated envisioning;


(+to revise) humanities unfortunate misbehaviour (which) betrays living (+in) empathetic(-ally) serene(+ty),


(+and to also include some) (+in)frequent(-ly), unforgettable neurotic nonsensical yackety-yak.


(+So soon, before nightfall), neighbouring archrivals rethought reunitment over war,


(+as the) vaporous environments (+began to) greatly (+enable)(-enhanced) the absorbing toilsome inflorescence’s (+to) obtain nutrients,


(+and) mysterious illusions (+started) reveal(+ing)(-ed) apparitions (+so) gravely engulfing,


Moving in groups (+they) readily adventur(+ed)(-ing) together, intuitively orientating naturally,

(+and revoked the old) polic(+ies)(-y) (+which were) reinforced orderly, to obtain control of (+the) leisureliness,


(+that the) previous rulers (+had used to) obstruct(-ed) freedom(+s) (+while) opportunely uttering nonsensical depictions.


(+Soon), delightful redemption (+began) establish(+ing)(-ed) amidst miracles,


(+with the) realiz(+ation)(-ing) (+that) enchantment (+would) arrive(-s) discerningly in (+the) night, effectuating (+the pre)settled serenity,


(+and the) cyclical incarnation re-creating curvilinear umbilical lunar aligned rotation (+had begun).

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[quote name='xtraspicy62 wrote:

123love']Think of a world, a world without tears ... Rev. 7:14

Where a man can live for a thousand years .... Isa. 33:34

With never a grief, an ache or a pain ...

And never a thought of dying again ... Isa. 25:8


Think of a world where a man plants a vine ... Ps. 107:37

He can sit in it's shade and say 'This is mine'... Isa. 22:25

He will dwell in the house his own hands have made ... Isa. 65:21

And none shall molest him, or make him afraid .. Mic. 4:4


Think of world without bloodshed and strife ... Ps.. 46:9

Where no man can take another man's Life ... Prov. 12:28

Where man everywhere will unite in peace ... Ps. 37:11

And malice and hatred forever will cease ... John 13:35


Think of a world as a green paradise ... Isa. 36:12

Where mountains and desserts dazzle your eyes ...Isa. 53:12

With bountiful flowers, trees and skies ... Isa. 3: 1, 2

With animals, birds and bright butterflies ... Ps. 10: 24


Think, just as sure, as God's word is truth ... John 17:17

A man will go back to the days of his youth ...Job 33:25

His flesh will become as the flesh of a child...

And the words that he speaks will be gentle and mild ... Matt. 5:5


Think of a world where a lame man will leap ... Isa. 35:6

Bounding and leaping -with a JOYFUL weep...

Where none will be deaf and the blind ones will see ..

And dumb ones will speak and sing joyfully ... Isa. 35:6


Think of a world where men are all Brothers ... Matt.. 23:8

Esteeming themselves not above any others ... Phil. 2:3

Where a man greets a man as a friend to a friend ... John 15:13-19

In a world without tears that will never end ... John 10:28


Think of a world where the dead will arise ... Jer. 31:17

From their silent tombs to a dream paradise ... John 11:23-26

To live forever in true peace and Love ... 1Cor. 16:14

And all will be cared for by the Great One above ... 1Pet. 5:6,7


Now a world without tears is not just a dream ... Heb. 6:10

To some, too good to be true it may seem ... Tit. 1:2

But just as sure, as God's word is true ... John 17:17

A world without tears now lies before you ... 2Pet. 3:13


So if these words have opened your eyes ... Luke 21:28

Would you like to live in Earths Paradise .... Luke 23:43

To share all the blessings that God has in store ... 1Cor. 2:9

For all who would do His Will evermore ... Ps. 37:4


'Good News' of this Kingdom is still being sung ... Rev. 14:6

Throughout every nation and people and tongue ... Matt. 24:14

And all who are thirsting for Truth are invited .... Rev. 7:16,17

To accept this Good news, and are warmly united ... Rev.7:9


In Praising our God, and our Savior and King ... Jer. 10:10

Who give to us all, our life, everything ... Ps. 36:9

So that we might live through endless years ... John 6:51

In a world without sorrow. A world without tears ... Rev. 21:3, 4


- Anonymous JW

I love this one too, all based on scripture alone too, no twisting and skewing it around, just the straight up word of god.

thanks for posting this, 123love, I think I will use it as well....



Just been thinking about this and how true it will be one day happy.gif


I live my life for the good word and Jehovah.. One of the reasons why I come here to share it with others who dont know and look for hope..truth and love smile.gif

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ACROS-POEM words below that I used to create this latest full poem.

Shuttle, insatiable, figurative, forever, caressing, veteran, refrain, creation, scenery, wine, midnight, boredom, life, reboot





(+And) Some how utilizing the toilets little engine,


(+They) incessantly (+and) need-fully (+began) seeking a treasured illusion, and being (+without), left (+them) empty,


Fittingly, (+an) ingenious graphically untouched representation articulat(+ed)(-ing) the important values enshrined.


(+A) flowering oasis reveal(+ed)(-s) endless veneration, enshrining righteousness,


compassionate activity repos(+ed)(-ing) (+the) epidermal, stimulat(+ing)(-ive) sensations in (+a) nurturing gesture,


(+as the) victorious endeavour(+ed)(-s) through (+the) endless rallies, achieving (+a) new-hope.


(+with) reasonable evasiveness for responsibly avoiding inappropriate nonsense


(+and) causing remarkable earthly actuations to immediately orientate nature


(+soon) seeing creation, entwining natures exceptionally remarkable yields,


(+and) water incarnat(+ing)(-s) naturally (+into) enticing (+wines),


(+while the) moonlight ignited dreams; never-ending in glorious healing translation


(+and) breathing often revitalise(+d)(-s) energy; diversifying (+their)(-our) moods,


(+and so to) liv(+e)(-ing) in favourable environment(+s).


(+By) revitalizing entirely, before outreaching oneself tomorrow.

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