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4/17 U2charist in Portland for African Well Fund and Bono's Birthday


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The African Well Fund has launched its eighth annual Build a Well for Bono's Birthday fundraiser. To honor the U2 lead singer's 50th birthday, the nonprofit is aiming to raise $50,000 during the 50-day period of March 22 to May 10. All funds raised will benefit a community water and sanitation project in the Buhera District of Zimbabwe that will be implemented by Africare, African Well Fund's partner.


Join Trinity Episcopal Cathedral for its second U2charist on Saturday, April 17. It will be a traditional liturgy and eucharist set to the music of U2. The service will feature an assortment of instruments and intergenerational musicians leading the service in songs from the band's 30-year career, from the overtly spiritual "Magnificent" and "One" to the calling of "Where the Streets Have No Name" and "One Step Closer." All of the money from the offering will be denoted to the African Well Fund, a nonprofit that builds much-needed wells in African communities.


Everyday in Africa, many people, particularly women and children, have to walk for miles to get water. The chore of fetching water is no small task. It involves walking sometimes up to 10 miles to the nearest water source, and carrying home the heavy containers filled with the day’s supply of water. This often takes up a big part of a woman’s or child's day, and even then the water source is not always a safe one. It might be scooped from a dirty pool; unclean and containing parasites or dangerous bacteria.


Broken down to pennies, 84,480 pennies ($844.80) lined up makes a mile. So every penny counts.


Come sing, worship and “walk in their shoes."


"Take these hands

Teach them what to carry

Take these hands

Don't make a fist ..."


-- U2, "Yahweh"


This is part of Trinity's ongoing alternative liturgy program. It was organized following the success of January's U2charist at Trinity, where people gave $1,500 to build a well in Africa.

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