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Bono writes more songs about Africa-yay!


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[quote name='Kristaps wrote:

MacFoley']rosa, bloody learn how to spell his name properly! if he is your prince, come on..............



But on the topic:

 - if they're Streets kind of songs: YEAY!

 - if they're Haiti My Love kind of songs: I'm gonna throw up. When was the last time anyone listened to that song? I haven't since the day I got it.


i only listened to it twice, i think? i actually forgot it existed ion my mind till just now... goddamnit. 



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I cherish every project, works of Bono. I support Bono from home where I live by myself with my chidren. Its all I can do, if anything changes, I would actually travel to Africa to join him in all his works. Bono is a great man. God has been good to this generation and U2 is the messenger. I love Bono who is a wise man. If he decides to go after the African Market with U2 or by himself, I support him. I am here to serve Bono, & U2, he can only go higher with Realm. I love his works. I love his heart, his essence, the light he gives me so I can drown in it, and I get it in unconventional ways.


Bono is a man worthy of my praise, and I celebrate homage to him in my own spiritual way thru God. I will celebrate him for as long as I have air in my lungs. There is only one Paul David Hewsen, One Bono in this huge, universe, and Bono stands out in the eyes of Realm. One day, I Realm will meet Mr. Paul David Hewsen, who is the true Prince, known as Bono by the world. A man with the heart of a Prince. That is the truth. Even though people lost faith in beauty, and the possibility of having a true Prince amongst us. But, I found him, it took for ever, and I would give all of me to be able to meet and enjoy his company to myself. Just a Prince and his Realm meet to catch up on a millenia of separation. I don't think we even have to speak. The energies will take care of that. Its natural meeting.




NJ arsenic water. 

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