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U2 = Sell Outs

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[quote name='Zhivvy wrote:

Zhivvy wrote:

badgirl56 wrote:






There's more negative than positive about pretty much everything U2 these days in here.


 - Not playing in City X sucks;

 - Playing stadium X instead of Y sucks;

 - Not playing in my country (the guys must hate my country);

 - The Claw sucks;

 - Not playing arenas sucks;

 - Ticket prices suck;

 - Bono a turd;

 - The opening song sucks;

 - The choice of songs sucks;

 - The encore sucks;

 - DVD sucks;

 - YouTube broadcast sucks;

 - etc....


they do an awful lot of Sucking!.I'll go with that ..BMan can....................well you know what I mean!tongue.gifwink.gif..*waits for Zhivvy to fill in the blanks*


Tempting soooo tempting to put some words into there!!! Bad bad thoughts! But getting excited thinking them lol!!!

Still thinking about filling in those blanks .... but I am still in teacher mode and on best behaviour - may have to wait til later and then can start the pervy comments!


Oh... to hell with it! devil.gif Won't give a list, but if there is any sucking which the Bman would like to do - I'm around and willing!! (and it would be rude to not ...... No even I cannot write that!)

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HAHAHAHA! I love you zhivvy :D


Love you too!!! lol!!! - I nearly totally resisted! But that man is my weakness - and you really wouldn't like to see what pictures my mind is making!! tongue.gif

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I probably wouldnt but man... Bman is gorgeous... Who could resist those mind pictures?!


so glad an 18 year old understands and even shares our crush on the B-man..... thanx for that vertigoed!

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[quote name='Kristaps wrote:

actarus wrote:

MisterE']taking a time out to say one word - love


love is not an easy thing
love is a temple


Love is a blanketclap.gif 

 . . . . Bono sang this at the Rock Hall of Fame concert 

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