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Boy; 3.5


October; 2


War; 3.5;


(Under a Blood Red Sky); 5


The Unforgettable Fire; 3


The Joshua Tree; 5


Rattle & Hum; 4


Achtung Baby; 5


Zooropa; 4.25


(Passengers); 3


Pop; 4




HTDAAB; 3.25


NLOTH; 3.5.

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Boy; 3.5


October; 3 (Gloria, October, Brick and Tomorrow save this one)


War; 5


The Unforgettable Fire; 4.5 (1 or 2 misfires but the rest is as good as U2 gets)


The Joshua Tree; 4.25


Rattle & Hum; 3.5 (I like a lot, but there is more filler than usual)


Achtung Baby; 5


Zooropa; 2 (only the title track spares this from a 1)


Pop; 3 (some good, some bad, too much just okay)


ATYCLB; 4.5 (only Grace and Peace on Earth keep this from a 5)


HTDAAB; 3.75


NLOTH; 3.25

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I should've used numbers instead of letters, oh well.


I'm not sure how I'd rate the EP's, but I was just listening to Wide Awake and remembered how amazing the live version of Bad is.

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Boy: B

October: C+

War: A-

The Unforgettable Fire: A+

The Joshua Tree: A+

Rattle and Hum: C+

Achtung Baby: A+

Zooropa: A-

Pop: B+

All That You Can't Leave Behind: A

How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb: A+ (My first U2 album)

No Line On The Horizon: A+


October is my least favourite. It seems a little lost, however there are some reasonally good songs there, same with Rattle and Hum, some great songs likeAngel of Harlem and All I Want is You, but a lot of stuff I don't like too. Pop has some bad tracks on this album, but the good ones outweigh them forsure, and with the (What I like to call) the Power 3: Staring at the Sun, Last Night on Earth, Gone.

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Boy: C: This is U2's punkiest album, and I'm not a huge punk fan. I can still recognize that it's pretty decent music here, though. Just not mything.


October: D: I only listened to this album once, and then I was done. It's unfocused, and the overt spirituality of it disarms me.


War: A: Their first classic, in my opinion. Rocking and hard-hitting, with a clear concept behind the album. Every track has its merits. Some run unnecessarilylong (Surrender, Like A Song) but Drowning Man is an indication of the epic direction they will go in afterwards, and any album with a song like "40"deserves to be given top rating.


The Unforgettable Fire: B+: Contains some of my very favourite U2 songs (A Sort of Homecoming, Wire, Bad) but has some clunkers on it (Elvis Presley &America, 4th of July) that take the album's rating down.


The Joshua Tree: A: Not the runaway Holy Grail people make it out to be (Exit, Mothers of the Disappeared are mediocre songs) but contains some of their mostenduring songs (Streets, With or Without You, Running To Stand Still).


Rattle & Hum: B-: U2 got a bit too folksy for me here, and the accompanying film seemed a little too egotistical for my taste. I like Desire but the othernew songs here do little for me.


Achtung Baby: A: I dislike Ultraviolet, So Cruel, and Acrobat, but all the other tracks are excellent. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses is a lyricaltriumph and The Fly is simply one of the best songs ever written.


Zooropa: A+: Yeah, I said it. Zooropa is an A+. Artistic and experimental to an extreme degree U2 has never done before or since. A provoking concept album anddarkly sinister album. Zooropa, Lemon, Daddy's Gonna Pay, and Stay are stunning.


Pop: A-: There are a few odd little spasms on this album (Miami, Wake Up Dead Man, If God Will Send His Angels, If You Wear That Velvet Dress) and I think theentire album could have benefitted greatly from more time to iron out the songs and bring out their full potential. Discotheque, Do You Feel Loved, Mofo, andGone are all superb, though.


All That You Can't Leave Behind: A: Calculatedly radio-friendly, but oh so enjoyable to listen to. Beautiful Day, Kite, New York, Grace, When I Look At TheWorld, one of the most consistently good albums in its entirety. In A Little While and Wild Honey don't do much for me, but they're not bad songs.


How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb: C+: This album just failed to connect with me. I can't remember the last time I gave the album a spin. It's shrill andannoying, and songs like Miracle Drug, Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own, and Crumbs From Your Table seem overwrought and jarring to me.


No Line On The Horizon: B+: I appreciate U2's attempt to be somewhat experimental again after the last two albums, but this seems mainly like unrealizedpotential. Fez, Magnificent, Breathe and Cedars Of Lebanon are good, but some of the songs sound waaaay too close for comfort like previous songs (riffs fromUnknown Caller, the overall sound of Magnificent, for example), and some songs like Unknown Caller, White As Snow, and No Line On The Horizon simply don'tdo anything interesting. I find myself bored when listening to them.

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Obviously I am missing something when it comes to No Line on the Horizon and How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. Both albums have a handful of tracks that aregood but are to me not on par with their older work. Here would be my ratings:


Boy 8/10

October 7/10

Under a Blood Red Sky 7/10

Unforgettable Fire 7/10

War 9/10

Joshua Tree 10/10

Rattle and Hum 7/10

Achtung Baby 10/10

Zooropa 7/10

Pop 7/10

All that you can't leave behind 9/10

How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb 6/10

No Line on the Horizon 7/10

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I've been conversing with Blue_Angie about NLOTH and art. She claims that art is amirror reflection of the person looking at it. I say the same thing about music. I really don't care for more than a handful of songs before Rattle &Hum. That doesn't mean they aren't great or better. It just means they don't do much for me. On the other hand, the Post Rattle and Hum Eraoverflows with masterworks. Achtung Baby, Atomic Bomb, and NLOTH are off the charts. ATYCLB is just a tad behind. Pop is very underrated.

Rattle and Hum was the turning point in the band's legacy.

No one else has to agree. This is just what U2 means to me.

To be fair, however, I do go back and listen to the old stuff ever couple of months tomake sure I'm not missing anything.

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