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Magnificent FIFA w/Bono rap


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I saw a commercial during the NFL draft last night (Tim Tebow went to Denver!!)for World Cup Soccer in South Africa that was all U2 & Bono, Magnificent soundtrack. Is that what you are talking about? It was a good commercial. Then they played another commercial with Bono but I was in the middle of making dinner so I just heard part of it.

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It's not about politics or religion or the economy.

It's not about borders, history, trade, oil, water, gas, mineral rights, human rights, or animal rights.

It's not about global warming, global pandemics, globalization, GDP, NATO, or Kyoto.

It's not about elections or sanctions, proliferations, he said, she said, my land, your land, no man's land.

It's not about the stock market, black market, orange alerts, green homes, hope, change, fear or loathing.

It's not about Communism, Socialism, or Capitalism, war or peace, love or hate.

This is about the one month every four years when we all agree on one thing: 32 nations, one world watching 2010 FIFA World Cup.


Thomas 23 April 2010 at 5:21 pm permalink (source www.atu2.com)

Someone should tell bono the same applies to u2’s concerts.

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