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bono speaks to me!! he does!!


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through the airwaves! and no, i'm not rosa in disguise....


after listening to HTDAAB yesterday for like 3 times, and writing my 'view' on it, i dreamt about the album and the songs... then woke up at 5.50am to my new alarmtune (mobilephone) being : 'staring at the sun'... in stead of switching it off... i let it repeat itself while i was getting ready for work (mobile right beside me...) so while riding to work on my bike i couldnt stop humming and singing the lyrics.

passing by the hospital-kitchen to get to the changingroom i heard the radio playing... but no luck this time... no u2-song playing! till i walked by the kitchen again to get to my unit! there it was: city of blinding lights! i swear this is true! so i'm convinced the band had a hand in this one... they couldnt let me start my day in disappointment... love you guys, thanx so much <3 

your devoted fan, barbara xxxx



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i swear, he moves in mysterious ways....like when i go to the local store to get some soda...as Im filling up my cup with diet coke, bono starts singing beautiful day on the overhead....then when I went to the record store, NLOTH started playing....


I went shopping at the clothing store and elevation was playing on the intercom


then the FIFA commercials started!!


was he in your eggs too?? I saw him in my coffee this morning....then he morphed into my eggs!

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