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Announcing the WBWC U2 Marathon Thursday May 13th


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We’re back!


Greetings from Cleveland!  DJs Todd Richards and Mary Cipriani will be back for yet another special broadcast day on Thursday May 13th, starting at 7am (USA Eastern timezone) and running non-stop for 18 straight hours.  Is there a rare U2 song you’ve never heard before?  Do you wish you could hear something other than the top 10 hits by U2 on the radio?  Well, here’s your chance to listen to nothing but U2 all day and all night long!  


If you've listened online to this broadcast event before, you already know what it's all about! If you haven't heard of us before....

WBWC 88.3FM is a commercial-free student-operated college radio station at Baldwin Wallace College in Berea, Ohio, and we have held these artist marathon events each Thursday in summer since 1981.  We’re happy to announce that U2 will once again be featured in the Marathon lineup.  


U2 has long credited college radio as being key for them building their early fan base in the USA in the early 1980s.  

Check out this 1987 Grammy acceptance speech where Edge thanks “everybody in college radio, I don’t know where we’d be today without them†(at 1:45 mark)

And here’s Bono on Larry King Live talking about college radio! (at 4:35 mark)


This 18 hour event focuses exclusively on one band during the broadcast day, and will feature their entire catalog, including b-sides, live recordings, remixes and rare tracks.  No song is too rare or obscure for us to play! Previous marathons have featured exclusive interviews with Willie Williams, Joe O'Herlihy, Rocko Reedy, Neil McCormick and others - tune in to hear this year's special guests!  And we’ll have some cool prize giveaways too!  


Requests can be emailed to: request@wbwc.com (include subject of "U2 Marathon") or call our Request Line the day of the marathon at 440-826-7846 or you can submit a request using the online form posted at http://www.wbwc.com 


Fans outside of the Greater Cleveland area, can listen in via streaming audio. WBWC.Com audio requires RealPlayer 8 or RealOne to listen, which can be downloaded free from - http://www.real.com/player/  and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.  Once you've installed the Real software on your computer, click on "Listen Now" from the station's home page http://www.wbwc.com   We recommend that you install the Real software and test your connection before the event to make sure you can listen to us online.  If you have technical issues connecting to the online audio stream, you may need to adjust your preference settings to establish the connection.  You can search the Real online support database for troubleshooting assistance - http://service.real.com/main.html

Follow our tweets at - http://twitter.com/U2Marathon  
Join in the fun and send us your requests!


Here is the schedule for the 2010 Summer Marathon Series!

May 6th - AC/DC

May 13th - U2

May 20th - Bob Marley

May 27th - Green Day

June 3rd - New Found Glory

June 10th - Relient K

June 17th - Sheryl Crow

June 24th - Dave Matthews Band

July 1st - The Vans Warped Tour

July 8th - Iron Maiden

July 15th - Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

July 22nd - Radiohead

July 29th - Melissa Ethridge

August 5th - The Beatles

August 12th - Kiss

August 19th - Def Leppard

August 26th - Duran Duran

September 3rd – Hendrix

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frown.gifthought it was a real marathon... to run, i mean! i was thinking bout PM-ing zhiv right away!


Lol!! Me too - running wit Bono and the rest - yes please!!

But will tune in and listen!

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i would love to have seen this! u2-members followed by zhiv in 2nd place!! bet you wouldnt give up till you catch the sweaty b-man...
I would have all the motivation i needed following him! I may be out of breath by the end of 42 kms but if I stumbled or collapsed (which is inevitable) he could catch me!
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Welcome Mary C. . . . . . you're new here, so you may not be aware that Zhivvy, Barbara, etc. (note how I skillfully leave myself out of this!!) will turn every thread into a "Bono-thon" given half (or less) a chance! It's all in good fun and no one means to hijack your thread . . . good thread, btw ")))

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Good, now that's out of the way . . . . . . was picturing myself running after Bono in a marathon too! That may be the only thing that would turn me into a runner!
running to get myself back into shape and be fit and have some energy is my reason to train for a marathon. Then i will have the stamina and energy to queue all day in GA lines and still be able to dance all night in the inner circle. And with all that energy and fitness will be able to fight off security and throw myself on stage and finally hug and kiss my man!!!
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