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Gift ideas for Bono's 50th birthday - please post here!


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tired.gifglasses.gifhappy.gifsmile.gifHere's the best way you can honour Bono on his birthday

Feed the homeless in your neighbourhood.


To quote Iggy

Be a passenger walk/ride through your local  city's ripped backsides and check out the people living on the streets.


Show compassion to your fellow humans


There are as many different tones of skin as there are tones of music


Music and the human race would be very boring if there was only one tone.


Keep recycling and cycle instead of using the car - use public transport as much as possible.

Better still walk - you get excercise and you can look at the trees as well and see the flowers

Appreciate the beauty of your local area.


Feed the birds and listen to them singing - give them some daily bread ha ha!


Dawn chorus has just ended where I live (for the moment)


Give yourself some time and space - in order to re- charge 


Use re-chargable batteries


Grow your own herbs on a window sill


If access to a garden grow you own veg - make your own compost etc


Be thankful that you woke up this morning

You can use your fingers

You can see

You can hear

You can taste

You can use your nose

You can think

You can move

You can FEEL


If you stub your toe be thankful that you can actually get up and use your legs in the first place


If you do stub your toe, trap your finger or cut yourself etc - remember - there are others in this world who are being tortured at the same time, so empathise with them and share their pain for a moment. (This works a treat the pain goes away a lot quicker!)


Remember how important your family and friends are

hug and cuddle regularly


To quote Bruce "we all need a human touch"



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