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Resubscribing Disaster!!!!

lucy is so cool

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I went on u2.com a couple of days ago and saw that my subscription was coming up for renewal and thought nothing of it as I started inJan 2005 and have paid every year so with the new site thought it was a technical mistake. I have been working nights a lot lately and at about 10.30pm readall the threads about resubscribing and thought woahhhhhhh everyone is doing it and I could access my u2.com emails so I didnt get any email informing me thatI had to resubscribe so I clicked on the renew on my profile page as it said that it expired on the 7th and so I thought well thats lucky Im gonna make it intime, however it would not process my purchase (my card has money on it, and I know it was working as I topped up my phone and it worked) and when it turn00:00 I then became a general member. Im really worried as I now can't upgrade my account back to a u2.com member and I cannot create a new one andsubscirbe. have I missed the cut off date? I didnt think I had as I was doing it on the day it stated in my profile..... I'm really worried as I reallywanted presale and the CD and I liked being a mamber of u2.com even though I have not been able to go on zootopia as much as I would like due to workcommitments. Please help someone alien.gif anyway I need sleep after my shiftlaters.
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