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Webmail not working - who to contact?


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Ok, I've been in touch with the support of this site regarding the never-working webmail, but so far I've got a useless advise to clean my computer cookies and restart my PC.


Another advise they gave me was to wait, basically, indefinitely, until they "reconcilliate" the issue. That was two weeks ago. All my e-mails since then have gone unaswered. The last response I got from them was the following:

Hello Kristaps,


Thank you for choosing Live Nation Merchandise. Unfortunately, we are still waiting to hear on the reconciliation of this issue.


If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.





Live Nation Merchandise Customer Service

Toll Free (US): 800.767.7160

International: 001-434-244-7300


So... does anyone know if there is anyone else I could contact regarding the issue? Like, someone from their customer support management?

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