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gifbirthday18.gif"> BONO

Hello Bono's fans!

I would like to invite all of you to write your message in honour to Bono, during this 50th Bono's Birhtday. Write your message and win a draw of a U2 360 At The Rose Bowl (2 DVD Deluxe Edition)

To post your message to Bono:
You must to click on "Comente" (07/05/2010) - (IMMEDIATELY BELOW BONO'S PHOTO, THE MESSAGES and the box: 'Posted by reginaonumb in 18h05"); then will open a box, and you´ll write your name (Seu nome), your e-mail (Seu e-mail), your URL (Seu site); after, type your message (you can include a link of a photo) and click on "ENVIAR COMENTÃRIO"; this box will be closed and will open another box, and all you need to do... type the signs and click on "ENVIAR". I´ll copy the messages and I´ll past it on the post. This card will be sent to Cecilia Coffey-U2 World Service and to the P M Office in Dublin (I will copy the messages and will be sent by P.O.)
"Bono's Birthday Card 2010":

1 U2 360 At The Rose Bowl (2 DVD Deluxe Edition) 

These messages are part of a campaign to increase the donations to Music Rising, the cause which Edge and all the staff at Music Rising have developed to put instruments back to musicians' hands of Katrina and Rita´s victims in New Orleans and region (Actually isn't available Music Rising t-shirt via Hard Rock or U2 Shop). The DVD will be sponsored by myself. I´ll buy the DVD. The draw will be filmed and available on youtube. This draw will happen after May 11, 2010 and will retain the names of the fans who posted their message until May 10, 2010 and add the e-mail into the comments.

Any suggestion, critics, protests, additional info, support; contact me: reginaonumb@globo.com

hug.gifthank you so much

Music Rising 
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Support Haiti: Hope for Haiti Now

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Hello Reggie Honey, I would like to add to your gifts.  I have purchased several posters of Bono via the Well Foundation thing for his birthday and I would like to add two of these to your contribution. One on behalf of Bono and one on behalf of his daughter Jordan as it is her 21st birthday as well.

Soon be 10th May in New Zealand.  Is now 9.41.g,m.t.

I will send them via registered post volcanic activity in the Atlantic permitting.

Still tirelessly campaigning for Music Rising you are truly amazing!!!

Lots of Love Shirley  (love bomb on Edge 2006) 

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