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IT'S BONO TIME - 3AM MAY 10 2010


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happy.gifwink.gifsmokin.giftired.giflaugh.gifpimp.gifroll.gifroll.gifCan't sleep - check!

Candle lit - check!

Wide awake! - check!



Nothing has changed since 1985 in the so called first world countries.

Why are there still homeless people on the streets? - aka Manchester, London, Dublin!


Purpose of homeless people?  althought unbeknown to their fellow men who pass them by

Parable of good samaritan not being put into practice then?


May seem dirty insignificant members of society but being devoid of possessions are closer to god.


They are here to test the compassion of mankind -

The rest of us are here for entertainment purposes only.


Earth Day - not enough


Honour thy father - God

and mother - Earth


One earth hour is not enough so people are being grounded - there will be no planes in the sky - how much fuel is being saved? Birds heard singing at Heathrow for the first time in decades.


No sympathy for those of you stranded at aerports (airports). aero - chocolate (that's where it came from)


Roof over head - check!

Access to clean running tap water - check!

All in the same boat, as one - check!

Starving to death - uncheck!


Nothing makes you appreciate your own country than not being able to get back in it! 


There's no plaice like home.


Fish in cupboards and fridge - check.


"Faith like a river" Stevie Wonder and the song in my head on seeing picture of Jordan in Ali's arms 1989

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday!"


Am seeing the legend 29th June - Men arena Manchester. (Volcano permitting)

Have spare ticket

Anyone interested?

Must live near Manchester and will have to sit next to me! ha ha.

Will not have to pay for ticket it will be your birthday/christmas present.

Love & Pea s out



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eek.giflaugh.gifglasses.gifroll.gifroll.gifOnce again my ears decieve me! The song is "Free" by Stevie Wonder - just checked it out on youtube - good video with MLK in there and many starving Africans

"Free like a river" still very appropriate for Jordan.


The world does not evolve around U2

U2 RESOLVES around the world.


If there's a problem - be part of the resolution.


Shame we in England can't send our rain clouds to Africa

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